Monday, October 31, 2016

The Kansas City Halloween Link Serving

Pr0n Star Sophie Dee starts our look at some of the more important Kansas City links for tonight . . .

Cowtown Emergency Celebration
Kansas City Assessment and Triage Center now open
Rock Chalk Terror Trial
Suspect in Kansas bombing plot calls hearing 'ridiculous'
Sunflower State Showdown
Is It The Tax Cuts? Or The Economy? Candidates Disagree On Source Of Kansas Budget Woes
Show-Me The New Boss
AP: Connecticut provost tapped to lead University of Missouri system
Kansas City Transit Fear Factor
MoDOT says Buck O'Neil Bridge among worst bridges in KC area
Legal Recall Decision Forthcoming
Voters to decide fate of 5 Kansas Supreme Court justices
Scary Concussion Aftermath
Chiefs defend treatment of Alex Smith's injuries
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Where the heck is the Buck Oniel bridge? If it is the Broadway bridge call it the Broadway bridge. Can not believe they want us to call the Paseo bridge the name of some rotten politician.

Anonymous said...

"Connecticut provost tapped to lead University of Missouri system."

From Provost to BRO Host. Poor guy is going to witness about a 30 percent IQ drop among students his first semester at M.U.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya ! I can't believe they want us to call I-70, THE GEORGE BRETT SUPER HIGHWAY !! lol..

Good ol' KC still hanging their hat on an old,rude,and selfish-fuck of a guy.
Who ,in all honesty,does NOTHING for the team,except collect a big,fat-ass paycheck..then go's out and gamble's it away and shits his pants,in public ,to the point where it is running down his leg and ruining his fucking shoe's..

Then he feels the need to tell it to anybody who will listen to his disgusting ass!?!?

What a sleazy fucking jerk he's always been..over-rated as fuck too ,but then ,this is KC...SOOooo

Anonymous said...

people piss and moan about alex smith getting tackled fuck him thats why he gets paid the big bucks. if he dosent want to get hit play old maid or gin rummy.