Friday, October 28, 2016

The Kansas City Friday Night Link Look

Brit hottie Joey Fisher helps us finish off the Kansas City freaky Friday as all the cool people with friends or weekend plans are getting ready to enjoy a night on the town . . . And the rest of us are on the Internets.

Take a peek:

Cowtown Storm Sewer Blame Game
KC Water urges residents to avoid putting leaves in catch basins
Showdown Across State Line Tonight
Officers deploy tear gas, leading juvenile robbery suspects in KCK standoff to surrender
Local Political Hangups
How to stop political robocalls
Cowtown Gun Dealer Crackdown
Feds charge Kansas City man in sales of assault-style rifles
Happy Rock Video Fight
Video: Man with apparent PTSD struggles with Gladstone officer, asks girlfriend to 'shoot him'
Shuffling Kansas City Country Club Merch
Sprint takes former Apple spot on the Plaza, Insomnia Cookies opens in Power & Light
Because Our Blog Community Loves Cheesecake Of All Kinds
Food Critics: The Best Desserts In Kansas City In 2016
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Megan is a complete idiot, she films the incident but fails to even consider helping the officer, but, oh no, she can certainly film it.

Where are our morals and our concern for others. This is just shameful on her part and if there was a crime for failing to help the officer she should be charged.

I know this sounds cold, but I'm sick and tired of people who want to whip out their cell phones and film it but not help not just the police but any other person who needs it.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound cold,not one bit.It is yet another example of the total lack of respect and compassion and lack of balls that this country has.Unfortunatly i don't see our society changing from this pattern of calloused,chickenshit,ungrateful,non-american behavior.

Anonymous said...

912, what was she supposed to do? If she gets near that cop, he's going to assume she's trying to hurt him and they're both going to get shot.

It's easy to armchair quarterback this, but as someone who's actually been in this situation vs just sat behind a computer and played expert, the last thing in the world you want is anyone other than a fellow cop, getting up on you. They fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Joey in the tight red dress is a hottie. She also looks like the kind of skank who would give you a sore on the end of your dick.

Anonymous said...

She should have shot the drugged up dirtbag and them fucked the cop.
That way, everyone is a winner.

Anonymous said...


Miss Fisher preps for Buttafuoco!!!