Saturday, October 08, 2016


Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this one other than the fact that feigned (self) righteous indignation is just about the most boring of all mass-mediated emotions in this digital age.

Don't get it twisted . . . We respect anger, rage and real emotion . . . But so far what we've seen is nothing more than politicos and media people attempt to use this unfortunate "hot mic" (love that term) mess to their advantage.

TKC quick take:

It's nonsensical to get mad at Donald Trump for saying stupid things given that his entire political career and rise to power is predicated on provocative, nasty, divisive remarks that are either ignored or more often endorsed by his legion of fans. More the the point: This is your guy. Warts and all.

Furthermore . . . Given that this race is closer than anybody wants to admit, the entire episode feels like a manufactured media ploy rather than a massive outpouring of outrage over a dumb remark that nobody would dare defend.

Best of all . . .


Even better . . . We like that NO OTHER KANSAS CITY MEDIA OUTLET IS FREE TO REPEAT THE REMARK and has to pussyfoot around the statement. 

Is this finally, at long last Donald Trump's Waterloo??? Or just another "distraction" from how much NOBODY really wants to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Background links from both sides . . .

Deadspin: Donald Trump On Getting Women: "Grab Them By The Pussy"

Fox News: Trump apologizes for lewd remarks in video statement amid GOP uproar

The Atlantic: Trump Brags About Groping Women

Inquisitr: Trump Apology Facebook Video: Trump Calls Hillary And Bill Clinton Abusers Of Women And Bullies

Mediate: The Only Way Republicans Can Turn the Billy Bush Chicken Crap into Chicken Salad

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

That is Donald about to play the smallest violin in the world for all of his critics.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

That's not enough to get me to vote for Hillary
Basically we have to choose between real scumbags. One is a power mad bra burner and the other is a spoiled billionaire
I'll go with trump if only because his election keeps the crook out of the white house

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Didn't Bill Clinton get a blow job from a 21 year old intern, someone's daughter, in the oval office while President. Oh! That was different, He was a libtard and already elected so Hilliary could not shout that he should not be president, right?

I don't know where most of these candy asses hang out but the men I have known all my life talk about pussy, tits, scoring, what bitches and hoes women can be and all kinds of shit. I have no intention of changing for a bunch of dreamer broads and Democrats with their panties in a bunch.

Fact is men talk, women talk. We pick and choose who we talk with. Trumps mistake is not what he said. His mistake was trusting the little pansey prick who recorded this exchange and saved it for years. I suppose it would have been used for blackmail if not for playing the big scoop news jockey. The moral of the story is don't allow punk as snitch boys into your circle. The little snitching bastard that betrayed Trump is the one the public should be enraged over. Damn who would want anything to do with a jerk off like that.

Anonymous said...

It is something all men think. Men say dumb, untrue and immature things. All men think like Trump whether they say it publicly or not.

Another Midtown Mom said...

Sounds a lot like a locker room in here. Just realize that no woman in her right mind would vote for Trump now. We lost. I was considering voting for him as a lark but he's obviously just insane. Shame on us for letting the joke go this far.

Anonymous said...

BORING. JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton...but Trump is the bad guy for locker room talk???????

I think people in 2016 get intimidated by alpha males who were the norm in this country not that long ago. Do women really want another cuck as president? Well, we have that now. And the cuck in chief is the worst president in US history.

Finally, Gennifer Flowers said it best, "Bill Clinton Told Me 'Hillary Had Eaten More Pussy Than He Had'..."

Anonymous said...

"Pussy" talk highly offends me.

I like dick-suckin' corn holin', fudgepackin', asshole eatin' tit torturin', cum drippin'-talk, myself.

And that is DURING church.

Anonymous said...

8:11: There ARE other choices on the ballot.

chuck said...

Good comments.

I would take note of the "Warts and all" comment. That refers to Oliver Cromwell, a man far ahead of his time, who fought to destroy a monarchy and encourage a more representative form of government in England. He cut Charles the First's head clean the fuck off.

Trump, love him or hate him, represents the replacement of traditional inside the beltway elite politicians and Federal Government Power. That power, in conjunction with the aid and assistance of the contemptible, malodorous and corrupt 4th estate, brought you Obama Care, lies about unemployment (5% ? -- Really? How is it, that there are over 85 million out of the work force and the drone Winston Smith cocksuckers can tell us that unemployment is at 5%? Oh, that's right, it's a fuckin lie.), lies about Benghazi (Benghazi is important NOT because a few Mercs got killed, but because it was covered up in order to effect the 2012 election lie of Al Quida Containment.), lies about keeping your doctor (Premeditated) lies about costs, lies from the IRS, lies from the corrupt Department of Justice, lies from the FBI, this list, is endless and encompassing.

Hate Trump all you want for his profanity and locker room banter. But remember, electing ANY Democrat at this point means you are tired of living in America and want a Democrat/Oligarchy to rule your life and mutherfukker, they will RULE your life from Rome on the Potomac.

What is now, "Politically Correct" and an onerous, lodestone placed around the necks of the "Unprotected Class" will have the force of law in a new American Cultural Revolution. The low level civil war in the streets, that now bleeds like a paper cut, will become a sucking chest wound that carries the permission of the Central Government and it's Statist/Fascist leaders to suppress, destroy and murder any who stand in it's way.

Kangaroo "Zimmerman" type courts, the elevation of BLM scum to official (They now have de facto permission and "Room To Destroy") status that doesn't just give them accolades when visiting the White House, but accolades when they beat you and kill you in the streets.
A press that has now, abrogated any responsibility for any semblance of objectivity, will become an official "Goebbles" propaganda arm of the state.

Fuck Charles the 1st.

I will take the "Warts and all".

America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

Trump's problem is that he isn't as clever as all of the past presidents who shared his opinions. He appears unable to stop talking.

Anonymous said...

What do Herman Cain Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common? They are/were threats to the established order. Threats to the established order are not permitted. That is all.

Anonymous said...


Cromwell was not interested in encouraging a more representative form of government. He became a moralistic prick and was just as oppressive as Charles I. His son succeeded him (so much for a more representative form of government) and was overthrown. Charles I's son was crowned king, and Cromwell's body was dug up and beheaded. The head was put on a spike for display.

Cromwell is not a good role model for Trump.

Anonymous said...

So this is the October Surprise? This? Trumps comment made me want to vote for him. Finally a male running for president. The last two GOP candidates was your grampa and the dad from Father Knows Best. And don't get me started on Obama. As 8:25AM said. Obama is the definition of the word, "Cuck."

Super Dave said...

I really don't think a night goes by where somewhere on any stage or a televised event someone doesn't mention pussy and or things related to pussy. Women mention pussy all the time but want to act shocked if a guy has been known to have said it 11 years ago. Sean Connery/James Bond called a lady Pussy for a majority of the movie Goldfinger. This was back in 1964 and I don't remember anyone getting their panties in a twist over that.

Madonna said, "My pussy has nine lives."

Michelle Rodriguez said, "It's nice having a heart and a pussy too!"

Tom Jones sang about a Pussy Cat and we all know what pussy he was really talking about. And just this week while in Kansas City women were still trying to throw their panties on stage to him and he's in his late 70's now.

Its seems that the political liberal freaks are looking to make anything Donald has ever said to mean or be the worse thing someone has ever said in life. All these attacks are doing is driving people to vote for him because people are seeing how flawed our real political parties are and to be honest, many are finding Donald to be the kind a person who reminds them more of people they really know, over some political hack who has probably never had a real job in their life. Donald for the most part is a breath of fresh air who I will admit has a big ego and a mouth to go with it. But I also see a man who not only likes seeing great things being made but thrives to see it happen. Obama never cared if Obama Care was going to work or not. He knew right from the start it was going to fail and that it wasn't going to solve anything. But he got his under the table pay offs and made all the insurance companies happy. Yes there were pay offs being made, how else do you think a disaster like this would have been made law. A smart business man would have seen Obama Care was never going to work and many did. Running this country is like running a business, not a Political Favors Handouts Country Club like is has been for to many years now.

I have said for years we need business oriented people running our country not brought up through the ranks as political hacks who can't think outside the box or the idiot beliefs of their so called party. I also believe a political candidate that preaches and promises the voters all the garbage they do should latter be found guilty and charged with fraud, if they fail to deliver all the put me in office promises they made.

Hunter S. Thompson demented as he was says it best, All political power comes from the barrel of either guns, pussy, or opium pipes and people seem to like it that way.'

Anonymous said...

Countless Hollywood types have made millions grabbing their privates on stage and do unspeakable things off stage. The Fifty Shades books are purchased mainly by woman.

If only the secret service agents assigned to Bill could record what they are forced to watch and listen to while Hil is away. Each one of his bim’s has code names. Bill is kept informed about Hil’s landings and arrival times by the minute so he can keep them close as long as possible.

Rich and powerful men can be sleaze bags. Don likes woman. Bill likes woman. Men talk trash about woman. Women are stupid. Billy Bush is a real Bush and their entire family is working for Hil. Inconvenient truths.

chuck said...


Things did change, but there WAS an attempt at a more representative government.

Anonymous said...

Midtown Mom, question for you. So we don't vote for Trump because he is a pig. So we vote for the woman who has been the enabler of her sexual predatory rapists husband for the past 40 years? Isn't rape more serious than locker room talk?

Anonymous said...

If 9/10 of these chicks DIDN'T have a pussy, there'd be a bounty on their heads. Having one is their Trump card so to speak. Go MIGTOW guys. Save yourself some money.

Anonymous said...

To say that Donald Trump is not like any previous Republican candidates is a gross understatement. What Donald Trump is and not to exaggerate, is a revolutionary and revolutionaries are generally flawed people. Eric Hoffer said “The well-adjusted make poor prophets.” The truly virtuous make poor revolutionaries. If you have revolution, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Bob Dole are not going to lead it. This revolt is against the establishment of both parties which is made up of professional politicians, professional staffers and lobbyists. This revolt is against the News-Entertainment establishment and its mocking of traditional values. The masses, the people to whom President Obama says “cling to their guns and religion” are pissed and Donald Trump is speaking to them. Twenty-eight years of trade agreements sending jobs overseas that have closed factories and businesses, foreign wars that have flooded this country with refugees that will never assimilate and hate America, billions spent in rebuilding other countries but not the infrastructure of this one, mocking traditional values and forcing new values on the masses that is in conflict with their traditional values and the people in the media and government are surprised by the popularity of Donald Trump and frighten the fact that he might be the next president. They shouldn’t be, their actions and policies created Donald Trump. Didn’t their think tanks see this coming? The anger towards Establishment is such that traditional strategies of shame and ridicule will not work against Trump like it has against the previous traditional GOP douche bag candidates.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Trump was finished when he got into a dumb fight with the Muslim vet parents.

I didn't think he was finished when he got into his stupid twitter argument with the fat pig Miss Universe from 20 years ago.

Unfortunately, I think that this pretty much finishes him off.

The timing of the release, the stupid juvenile vulgarity and the cumulative weariness effect of the endless gaffes by him just kill his chances to beat Shrillary.

It's over folks, get used to the shrill cackle of 4 years of Clinton.

Frequent Voter said...

Just another dirty old man. Nov. 8, pussy grabs back!

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

If a gambler was told he had three choices on who wins the Super Bowl, the broncos, the patriots or the Cleveland browns. Does he really have three choices or two?

Anonymous said...

How can Hil(liar)y be shocked by Trump's use of the word PUSSY when she's actually eaten more pussy than her hubby?

Remember when NONE of this was acceptable during presidential campaigns?

Clinton will be the landlady beating on your door and cackling about your overdue rent for the next for years if you buy into her bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Trump talks about me....
Bill rapes me....
Hillary eats me....

Who am I?

Byron Funkhouser said...

The above comments are the opinions of middle class white men (with one exception) who just don't get it. Trump never had a chance. He lost the election the day he announced his candidacy. You are not the majority, the plurality of everyone else is the majority. For example, all of you hate Obama & think he is the worst president ever, but his approval rating is at 55%. Your opinions are not shared by the majority of ALL Americans.

Your comments about Hillary are disgusting. They are not facts, they are vulgar rumors fueled by misogyny. The one thing that white men, & men of color have in common is misogyny. That is our most common culture. It's alright for him to be flawed, but she has to be perfect? If you think that's fine, then vote for Donald. If you want a better country for your daughters then vote for Hillary.

Tell your daughters the truth. You're not voting for Hillary because she's a woman.


Ted Kennedy..Liberal Hero...Drove drunk, crashed into a river, fled the scene leaving his female passenger to die.

Bill Clinton..Sexual harassment settlements. Rape accusations...

Barney Frank...Gay partner ran male escort service.

Hillary Clinton ...destroyed the lives of her husbands victims. room talk. meh

Anonymous said...

Vote Johnson

Anonymous said...

I'm always struck by the similarities between Trump and Tony.

Both are sleazy.

Both don't pay taxes.

Both speak about women the same way (titty pics anyone?).

Both lie.

Both misrepresent facts.

You decide.

Anonymous said...

The debate is tomorrow. It is deemed to be hot and juicy. Pucker up and get the fuzzy cuffs ready for thi one helluva bumpy ride to freedom rings. Hand gestures and eye movements key. That dirty look. Responding to that nasty comment.. Balls vs. vagina prime time and I can't wait to see who delivers the first blow. Hurt so good. I am an Amercan. This is politics at the Godd, the bad, and the ugly about it. Who's house will it be. Tomorrow night....which one will be freezing their ass off during that inaugural walk in January?

Anonymous said...

Ive decided that you 12:19 are an ignorant mother fucker.

Also Ive decided that Tony could and i hope he does ,sue your pants off!

I have also came to the conclusion that you have not had ANYONE touch, or come even remotly near your snaggle puss for many a moon.

in conclusion; I think that it should be CRYSTAL clear to anyone who read your comment---

That you are one stupid -ass goddamn ,mother fuckin shithead bitch!!


Anonymous said...

Please, all of you pussy hater and lovers know when you get down there you say those famous three little words..." Is. This. It ?"

Anonymous said...

1) This was a private discussion between Trump and Today Show host Billy Bush. Two guys bragging about how they chase after hot babes. Are the Liberals calling for the firing of Billy Bush? No, because they're HYPOCRITES. Are they calling for Hillary to quit the race because she directly aided her husband's multi-decade sexual abuse of women? No, because they're HYPOCRITES.

2) Is Trump a self-promoting braggadocious man? Yes, obviously, it's been part of his public image for years.

3) Has the Clinton camp been sitting on this secret recording for months? You bet. And there's likely more coming, as most of America doesn't like and doesn't trust Hillary Clinton.

4) While the corporate media is having a field day with this leak on Trump, what are they doing with the just disclosed WikiLeaks document dump of Hillary's Wall Street speeches? NOTHING! Because they never miss a chance to help provide cover for the Clinton Crime Family. Hillary admitted that she can't relate to average Americans, that she views them as pathetic and weak, and that she routinely lies to the public, while working privately to enrich the wealthy and powerful. Her confession is now public, but the corporate media will try to keep it hidden from you.

So, I'll start worrying about Donald Trump's bravado with the ladies, when Bill and Hillary Clinton are imprisoned for rape, drugs, public corruption, influence peddling, the murders of Vince Foster/Ron Brown/and numerous others, and violation of American national security.

Anonymous said...

Just saying, I would rather take my chances with Mr. T. The White Wash House needs a good dose of testosterone.

Anonymous said...

This one is about foreign affairs....the confidence level is showing an Akward balancing act. Oh the humanity. What order of persuasion will be told to foreign countries. Everyone is hurting. Greed is good. All hail the mighty dollar, but the people. Who's temper do we trust on that little red button? Back room deals front parlor matrix love affairs. Yes, yes, yes! The world. Has their eye on this one. You actually have to know where the country is and who's warring/ at peace. Neither's first rodeo. Rawhide!

chuck said...

Here, in my opinion, is something to think about.

How fucked up, seriously, is Byron Funkhowser?


Think about what America was like just 20 short years ago. Now, think about where we are headed in the next 20 years.

In 20 years, you might very well be imprisoned for not thinking like, talking like and acting like Byron Funkhowser. Guys, who think like, act like and talk like Byron Funkhowser already have control of the Media, control of the Federal Government, Control of Colleges and control of the streets.

Would you wear a "Make America Great" red ball hat around KC?


Not because you are a coward, but because you might very well be assaulted or, at least insulted at 115Decibels by some thug who represents the Fascist ideologies of Byron Funkhowser, BLM and the myriad whacked out organizations and unholy alliances that now have their boots on our necks.

So, it's Trump or it's Hillary.

We will all soon, be living under the suzerainty of unelected, power hungry, statist scum, who, talk and walk like the Funkhowser/Fascist.

Anonymous said...

What these worthless fucking broads so not grasp is that if they ever put pussy in a box they are fucking out in the street. Do these bimbos really think they contribute much of anything of substance to anything? Fuck these hormonal bitches. They are the first ones to use that pussy to milk the shit out of men and then get pissy because men like it. Fuck 'em. Lets put pussy in a box like Cheerios and the bitches can go back to staring in the mirror, doing their nails and applying their war paint in hope they get some DICK. Fucking dingaling bimbos!

Anonymous said...

Calm down. Have some more Cheerios....they are just going to debate foreign policy tomorrow. We get to hear his response to the clip. We'll talk more tomorrow. Look, go buy two boxes and let's be civil.

Anonymous said...

There you have it folks; a PUSSY that talks. It's name is Byron.

chuck said...

It's not a "women" thing.

Who, really doesn't think that Carly won every single debate she was allowed to participate in?

She killed it.

It was too bad she didn't have a better organization. She would have been great.

Maybe some day...

Harsh language is nothing compared to the Mafia like Criminality of the Clintons, the Democrat Party and the Press, in conjunction with the Federal Government.

Keep in mind, those folks working for the Fed, make an average of 122,000.00 per year while folks in the private sector now average 62,000.00 per year.

The Fed hates you hard working white boys as much as Byron does.

It is rigged as hell. Trump is right.

Anonymous said...

Glaiser says the same kind of shit and Cashill would do to if he knew he could get by with it.

Anonymous said...

Byron is a leftist think tank shill. Don't feed him, Chuck. He only trolls for a reaction.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun is Tony!

chuck said...


Byron is a living, blood simple, brain dead, Progressive cliché.

That is just the point. Facts don't matter in the new Amerika.

In England right now, TKC would get Tony thrown in the tank. It is so politically correct over there and in every part of Europe, that in fact, I am sure, the police would come for me and lionize guys like Funkhowser. The American Echo Chamber resonates with salt of the earth proclamations from guys like Byron. Programmed to ethnomasochistically hate themselves and hate the very people, who work their asses off to support his indolent entitled ass, he is a metaphor for all that is wrong with Liberals and this country.

How fucked up is it, that 20 years ago, when Muslims attacked the twin towers, then finally took them down in 2011, how fucked up is it, that because they vote Democrat, we can't mention "Islamic Terrorism", criticize immigration from countries that hate us and in fact, must listen to racist accusations from the entrenched politically correct powers in all facets of American life and get on our knees when we tell the obvious truth?

20 years from now, TONY won't have a blog, if he tries to continue in the same way, he will be jailed. So will many of us, who comment here honestly and forthrightly with our version of the truth.

The truth and the facts will not matter. Only the "Narrative".

Byron's "Narrative".

Anonymous said...

To be

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like we'll be stuck with Hillary. Maybe she won't be so bad as long as she has someone to grab her pussy and give her a good horse fucking.

Anonymous said...

Round 2:

Made fresh pot of Java and ready to roll. Let the games begin. This is about politics. We all know there's lots of pussies in there and dicks will follow. Let's be civil...what's your opinion on text messages?

Anonymous said...

You be civil ass hole. I prefer not!

Anonymous said...

Objectifies women. A liar. A sleazebag.

He's all of these.

Tony, I mean! Trump's OK.

Anonymous said...

Best way to communicate,for a guy who HATES talking on the phone.

I just can't say enough good thing's about

Anonymous said...

I was counting on Trump to rid this nation of the nogs and the wetbacks.

Now we'll have to just start shooting them.

Anonymous said...

5:22 and 5:26. So you prefer a candidate who laughed about getting an acquittal for a child rapist? Who stays with a husband who accompanies his pedophile billionaire buddy on his plane "the Lolita Express", to get serviced by underage girls? Who lied to the faces of family members whose love ones were murdered? Yeah, you guys are intellectual giants.

Anonymous said...

BOY, You guys give up easily much??

C'mon Men!! speed bump for The TRUMP!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Trump doesn't run I hope he writes abook about all the elite chicks he;s done like so many women do...why does no one go off about that?

Anonymous said...

More and more Johnson-Weld signs popping up in Waldo.

Anonymous said...

Trump will be forgiven, it happened 10 years ago.....Hilliary lies every day!

Anonymous said...

Johnson, the guy caught on camera exhibiting his tongue to the MSNBC reporter? The guy that never heard of Aleppo? The guy that couldn't name the leader of North Korea? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

They said "in Waldo." Enough said.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Naturally, Chuck's comments are hysterical, & disproportionate.

He's lost his mind to alcohol poisoning.

Anonymous said...

you've lost your mind,Byron

from swallowing buckets of cum, thru the years

and letting guilt eat you up for it.

can't blame you!

bUT ,byron.. Stop guilting yourself to death OR

Stop doing the thing's that make you feel guilt. Make a choice,dude.

Anonymous said...

More and more Johnson-Weld signs popping up in Brookside.

Anonymous said...

Gary "Aleppo" Johnson's one KC supporter is sure busy this morning.

Anonymous said...

More and more Johnson-Weld signs popping up north of the river.

Anonymous said...

More and more Johnson-Weld signs are popping up in Midtown.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Not so many in Raytown, though.