Thursday, October 27, 2016

Talk Kansas City Diversity After Election

This local group realizes that the conversation doesn't stop after (or if) a winner is decided: "An evening Post-Election Town Hall Meeting will cover the outcome of the 2017 local and national elections and current state and future of Kansas City."

Read more: KCFAA to present Symposium on Race, Place, Diversity

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Anonymous said...

Some folks just can't ever have enough "conversations" about race and diversity.
And they don't seem to understand, or maybe don't want to, that an actual conversation includes respecting the opinions and life experiences of others, actually listening to what they have to say, and perhaps even agreeing with opinions that they didn't start out with.
In fact, they spend so much time talking that they never really accomplish much of anything.
These folks should have their meeting at 1:00am at the intersection of, say, 23rd Street and Askew.
Let us all know how that turns out.