Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Sylvie & The Kansas City Afternoon Workout

Hottie Sylvie Meis and her workout hotness inspires this front to back look at all the important Kansas City mainstream media links right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City Baseball Legend Tribute
Broadway Bridge to be renamed 'Buck O'Neil Memorial Bridge' on Thursday
Local Legal Eagle Vindication
Kansas City lawyer seeks freedom for Charles Erickson from same murder conviction as Ryan Ferguson
Kansas City Community Conversation
Contentious Lawsuit Between Neighbors At Parade Park Ends In Mediation
Yael's JoCo Zombie Column
Here are Johnson County's best candidates for Kansas House seats
Cleaning Up The Urban Core
KCMO adds extra tire recycling events in the Northeast
Midwest Middle-Ground Stays Winning???
Who's The Moderate? In Kansas, Republicans And Democrats Run To The Middle
Tech Scene Cash Report
Four timely funding opportunities for Kansas City startups
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Naming a bridge after Buck O'Neil is just brilliant.

Isn't there a ball field in this lousy place that would be better suited for that?

Let's just name everything in town after dead black guys.

Polar Bear said...

Fuck yeah.....maybe a few will jump off that newly named Buck O'Neil bridge at low tide.

Anonymous said...


Sylvie, my ballet mistress, is the best barre none!!!

Anonymous said...

re local newspaper re-run columns: welcome to the twilight zone.