Saturday, October 01, 2016

Steve Rose LOVES The CID

In defense of a controversial tax break scheme . . . Supporters remind folks that only hotel guests pay for this luxury "blight" designation whilst critics note that using tools intended for real "blight" weakens the system overall. You decide: Tax incentives can make good things happen throughout area


Anonymous said...

So take Steve's advise and don't think twice, then he and your money will go someplace sunny

Anonymous said...

he's right in another blinding light of the obvious, but maybe it's only obvious because he pointed that out.

too bad. talking about blighted luxury hotels was fun.

Anonymous said...

Luxury hotels are not blight. Just another Kansas City scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hey he's talking about the guy who signs your paychecks at the $how Me Institute dude

Vote KC said...

KC needs people who are smart with OUR money. Not these scam artists.

Anonymous said...

In this article, Steve Rose fully outs himself as a narrow-minded, off-topic, vengeful curmudgeon from Johnson County, who can't help but stick his nose in the dysfunctional governance of KCMO.

While the subject of this article is purportedly the CID request by the InterContinental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza (see the article's very large photo of the hotel), Mr. Rose spends the bulk of his article reviewing shopping center projects in Johnson County Kansas. See what I mean by off-topic?

Rose attributes the following to Patrick Tuohey of The Show-Me Institute, "Research shows that tax incentives are unneeded because developers would have invested their money anyway to do the projects." Not only does Rose incorrectly describe the point as "fallacious", but he attempts to propagandize the reader in advance by stating that "billionaire Rex Sinquefeld in St. Louis" primarily funds the Show-Me Institute. I would highlight to readers that Steve Rose is a failed newspaper operator, now writing for the politically Liberal near-bankrupt McClatchy newspaper chain of California. Now, back to the false charge of fallaciousness. In fact, Patrick Tuohey is absolutely CORRECT in stating that "tax incentives are unneeded because developers would have invested their money anyway" in regards to the InterContinental Hotel request. Steve Rose should read blog more often, for it's there he would have learned weeks ago that the InterContinental ownership group had already secured full financing for the desired renovation work back in January, long before they had the bright idea to hoodwink Kansas City officials who've never met a developer (campaign contributor) unworthy of special tax breaks. Credit The Kansas City Business Journal for the original reporting on this issue.

Demonstrating his narrow-mindedness, Rose retorts to Tuohey's statement, " I do not want to hear about his research..." Steve Rose, the vengeful curmudgeon who can't be bothered to listen to facts, and detests a political view which is winning out over his own Liberal positions, even while he hides behind the cover of Moderate Republican. Fact: Steve Rose does not represent most Republicans in Kansas or nationwide.

Specifically, in regards to the KCMO CID guidelines, a quick review reveals that the InterContinental Hotel does not even qualify for the designation. This fact, of course, hasn't stopped the process from going forward because the KCMO Council is rife with members hands-outstretched and eager to burnish their bonafides with deep-pocketed business interests. With only a few exceptions, this KC Council is generally an embarrassment to the notion of fair representative government.

Finally, because he spent so much time extolling the good things that have happened in Johnson County over the years, let's point out to everyone that a large reason for such success as that of Overland Park, is due to the leadership of those like Ed Eilert (former longtime OPKS Mayor and now JoCo Commission chairman). That's Ed Eilert, as in FISCAL CONSERVATIVE.

Steve Rose can stay in Johnson County and go shopping to his heart's content, just please don't embarrass yourself anymore by arguing with your intellectual superiors.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^ +1

Stiletto said...

Steve Rose, Jay Senter, and Hearne Christopher all three from Prairie Village and all three think they are hot shit media people.

One was fired from the Star and has fallen to selling used cars. Another is begging his few readers for donations so he can continue to live the good life while another one ruined the family business his father worked so hard to build.

Tony came from the barrio who had to earn all the readers he has and asks for nothing in return and has more readers than those three golden ghetto wanna be's ever will.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this jerk live in JoCo?