Friday, October 14, 2016

Steve Hytner 'Bania' Back In Kansas City!!!

Weekend update for Kansas City late night TV fans . . . Here's the latest from our pal Craig:

Craig Glazer: Seinfeld's Kenny Bania At Stanfords. Steve Hytner.

Steve Hytner has recently been on Mike and Molly, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, Hung HBO and many more tv series. Steve will always be known as 'Kenny Bania' the 'other comic' on the long running smash hit Seinfeld. "That's Gold Jerry" in his most famous scene with Jerry always stands out. As Steve said on Fox TV here, "people always ask about my Seinfeld years and I say boy that was a few years ago, I've done many shows since." They say "Funny I saw you on it last night." Yes Jerry is still on in reruns everywhere.

Steve did so many top shows over the years and has become a popular comic in theaters and top clubs. Hytner also was on Curb Your Enthusiasm and movies like 'In The Line of Fire' with Clint Eastwood. He's done it all. Hytner now lives in Reno and only goes out about once a month, he's done well and decided to raise his son in Nevada. One of his favorite places in Kansas City. "I love Stanfords and KC Bar B Q" he's an Oklahoma Joe's fan.

Steve started with us at Legends on New Years Eve and sold out. He's back this weekend at Overland Park Stanfords this Friday and Saturday with area comic Richard Montano. Shows are at 745 and 945 both nights. You can have a nice New Orleans styled dinner in our restaurant before any show. Doors open at 6pm. Call 913 400 7500 for tix or go online

Next week will be the last comedy week for Overland Park Club. Stanfords moves back to its original location at Legends November 2nd with Chippendales for two nights and hot star Colin Kane/Wedding Ringer that first weekend. James Johann our own Blue Collar star will be with us next week at Overland Park. All our acts will be on same online listings and phone number is the same 913 400 7500 we love having your large groups for the holidays. Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Club couldn't make it in Overland Park?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Glazer has bombed again proving comedy is a loser just as he is, even Jerry Seinfeld thinks "Comedy Is Dead."

Craig has gone back to west KCK where the Dotte trash likes his business and the lower class strippers are closer to the club.

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Anonymous said...

How much do these advertisements cost on TKC?

Ted M. said...

Been to both Overland Park and Legends several times. Nice. Busy. Comedy is far from dead, every week we have comics at theaters here and Improv and Stanfords. Glazer started comedy in this town. Guys done more for KC than 99 per cent of you people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig!

Anonymous said...

No Shit!

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