Saturday, October 08, 2016

Show-Me Senate Democrats Counting On Kander Victory Over Blunt

The Hill on Blunt quotes anony source . . . "His 20 years in Washington and his family’s political connections have become a liability in an election year where many voters are angry at Washington and entrenched special interests. Burson Snyder, a spokeswoman for Blunt, said her boss “has led in every internal poll this cycle,” but other Republican strategists familiar with internal GOP polls say his lead in the low single digits at best."

Dems look for Senate upset in Missouri


Anonymous said...

Will Kander be taking his nanny to D.C. if he get elected? Someone will need to be changing his diaper.

Anonymous said...

What are the candidates' views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

6:45: WTF?

Blunt's the more likely candidate to need Depends.

Anonymous said...

Blunt by 7.

Anonymous said...

7:22, I think the biggset problem in KC is that the Kansas City Atheist Coalition will not comment on their position on bulk mail.

All they care about is holding their "events" in from of Christian meetings.

But they never do it in front of a MOSQUE!

The people want to know why?!!!

Anonymous said...

Like him or not, Senator Roy Blunt is a lifelong Missourian.

Jason Kander is a Kansan, who only recently came to Missouri to pursue his Liberal Socialist political agenda mirroring the policies of Obama and Clinton.

Kander attacks Blunt's family members for lobbying, yet Kander's wife detailed in her bio/resume that she is a LOBBYIST!!!!

Kander attacked Blunt for accumulating wealth over his lifetime. Senator Blunt is 66 years old, and his wife is an executive with Kraft Foods. Kander's own wife has written about how she sold a legal referral service for millions, but he doesn't want you to know that his wife is bankrolling his political career.

Kander: born in Kansas, high school in Kansas, college in Washington, D.C., married in Kansas, voted in Kansas.

Jason Kander: Take your Liberal Socialist, high taxes, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, gun-confiscating, lying record back to Kansas and watch them throw you on your ass.

Anonymous said...

2:25 said it all. Skippy the pretend soldier is just another liberal stain on the political landscape.

Anonymous said...

Dump Blunt!! He has taken his fair share of funds and probably he has also taken my share and a couple hundred other peoples share. Blunts are just money hungry smiling dummies.