Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show-Me Dating Desperation: Authorities Claim Missouri Internets Romeo Allegedly Tricked Women Into Buying Him Luxury Cars!!!

This scam (making empty promises in exchange for luxury goods) that is otherwise referred to as "dating" when women do it and the aftermath has been decried across the globe . . . Missouri man cons women into buying him luxury cars on dating app


Anonymous said...


chuck said...

Ok, that is pretty funny.



Anonymous said...

The White Male Monster...There's no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, he's not even handsome. Imagine the damage if he were.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't make Lamborghini's in white - it looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

Dude grabbed 'em by their purses!

Greedo said...

^^^ Good on you. Actually LOL'd on that one.

Anonymous said...

They were either really ugly and desperate or he had a huge schlong.

Anonymous said...

What is the bitch here? Women have been doing this shit to men for decades. You can only be a victim if you have a vagina?

Crazy Clown said...

27. yr.old chick, buy this Scumbag a $200,000 lambo ???

whats she do for a living ??????????

Gimme her number, so I can call her !!!!!!!

I just want a Hell Cat Challenger,,,,,

Florida here I come,,,,,,,,,,,

Crazy Clown said...


Chick or Chicks who'll Buy me a HELL CAT Challenger

Also pick up the Tab for the insurance & property Taxes and licensing

Also FULL Tank of Gas tooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

as well as GIVE me, $75,000 in Cash in small unmarked bills , Fun Money !

I'm 6'1 Tall
Blonde Hair
Blue eyes
No facial hair

No stupid tattoo's
No scars
No Dumb piercings

Don't do any kind of Drugs
Don't Drink
Work out everyday as I run 5 miles a day

NOT really intersteaded in any kind of real true relationship, unless your extremely frickin' Attractive & good lookin, and Dumber than a Box of Rocks !!!

Helpful if your extremely Naïve & Gullible too !!!!

I prefer Blondes not over weight

will settle for brunettes tho if Slim & Petite and slightly Kinky ! :)

Please meet all the above criteria before meeting and also have the KEYS to the HELL CAT Challenger as well, before hand !!!

What you'll get in return is - POST CARDS - from my travels !!!!!

the least I could do :) !!!!!!!

OK ~ Who wants to be 1st ?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Damn your ugly!

Anonymous said...

Damn, wish you liked guys! You sound hot.