Monday, October 31, 2016


More deets: "Witnesses said they saw the man get shot four times and then fall to the ground. They said after the shots, a car sped off and a woman screamed and came running over to the victim."

Grandview police: Man shot with wife and kids inside car during armed robbery


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Can't imagine what the motive is.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....Can't imagine the color of the perps.

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It was the butler with a candle stick at Church's chicken

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This is how Batman happens

Anonymous said...

Batman is opening January 1st at a location near you.

Anonymous said...

The law of probabilities almost insists that some day, victims will be armed and ready for this, his wife will be shooting video of it (to prove to the world what actually happened), and the kids will be calling 911 on their smart phones & also shooting video.

Somehow, they manage to get most everything to documented as it happens, with three cell videos - Thugs holding pistols sideways, all rapping incoherently at once, making stupid demands - and hubby manages to shoot each one of the animals right between the eyes, and it's the leading story (with video) that night on local and national news.

When video of this goes viral, ignorant vicious black career criminals in this country will start actually THINKING twice before looking to rob and kill.
Crime rate will go down, drastically!

The problem is, however, that this has to start with SOMEBODY!

Somebody that is legally armed and ready for an "instant gang of teens" to pop out of nowhere demanding money, etc.

If you're reading this, maybe that means you're intelligent enough to own a gun legally, so YOU can make this a reality!

If all potential victims are armed and ready for this, crime like this will dry the fuck up. (My personal dream is that the animal career criminals will just resort to killing each other one by one until they're all dead, the result being a safer world for all of us.)

Additionally, hey TKC....when you mindlessly copy/paste news articles, you also copy/paste their TYPO. They're all over your blog today.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have my tax money spent on cemetery (packed almost full of career criminal wannabe's) upkeep and maintenance, rather than feeding, housing, clothing, free medical, and trying to educate them.

America has grown tired of paying their way.

Anonymous said...

THE worst suburburb in the metro..Believe it ,Tony.

30 years ago ,although jig population was on the rise.Grandview was still OK.Not great but liveable.

I had my arm broke in that same complex,many years ago in the paking lot.I was just a skinny 16year old.we were at a party ,my buddies party ,when some dude started getting physically abusive with his woman.I say woman because they were both in their mid 20's.

Me & a few others followed them out and dude started going crazy,wanting to know who wanted a piece of his ass!! ME being me ,I waded right in there,not knowing the dude was tweeking balls.

Well he proceeded to come at me like a buzz-saw.Before I knew I was laying in the pouring rain,on the pavement ,twisted up like a pretzel with a face and mouth full of small gravel,face busted -up & a groken arm.

AHHH the lessons we learn in our youth,but anyhow,it was just good ,clean white boy fun.He didn't take the boot to me ,like he easily could'a and no one carried guns,nor would have used them if we did.

Back to Grandview-It became increasingly dangerousfrom that point on ,as the jigs infiltrated.I was from Ruskin and over the next 10 yeare,or so,it bacame a jungle AND I did learn how to fight plus more importantly pick my battles with a lot more thought .

We finally had to get the fuck outta there ,as flipping the picnic table up,at Ruskin Park ,to shield yourself from long rifle fire happened twice and just too much more shit to list here,all stemming from the jigg invasion of South KC & Grandview.

That infiltration ran out folks like my Grandparents,and many,many other WW11 Veteran families,who had lived there since shortly coming home from WAR.Yes my family survived horrendous war & the damage it did to them ,mentally and physically.They survived the biggest tornado ever to hit KC.They survived so,so much..BUT, they couldn't & wouldn't survive the invasion of the Groid!!

You don't survive all they did ,by being stupid..We all HAD to leave.
WHO THE FUCK NEEDED IT!!! So we let them have it..Look at it now, Dare ya

Anonymous said...

8:10 FTW !!!

dayton said...

south kc grandview, negro morals in peril, but we are all the same underneath it all rite,

Anonymous said...

yes ,dayton.. that was my whole point..LOL

Dayton said...

Ya, it's a shame all the solid places n people destroyed cuz of the damn plauge of negro dysfunction.

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