Saturday, October 15, 2016


From the smarter denizens of our blog community . . . Check the Democratic Party getting serious about changing things up in the Golden Ghetto: Boom goes the dynamite! DCCC drops $1 million into Kansas House seat to help our endorsed candidate


Anonymous said...

If this is how the DCCC throws money away it's little wonder that their party is a minority in the House.
It's amazing how easily "power brokers" in Washington who know so little about what's actually going on in the rest of the country can be stampeded into taking action and spending money based on some polls.
Yoder will easily win.
Most Johnson County voters would vote for a ham sandwich if it had an "R" next to it on the ballot.
In fact, they have!

Anonymous said...

Yoder by 14. Maybe 20.

Anonymous said...

Why spend all that money? As soon as the libtard press gets wind of a Democrat they will provide free promotion like they do with Hillbillery.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Has the Republican Party stopped spending money to help Republican Candidates win their local election?

After all, you people seem to think this sort of thing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, that is clearly a wasted million dollars!

The race is OVER!

Sidie (or seedy) blew up his own campaign by being stupid enough to act as a financial advisor in Johnson County for years, without bothering to get licensed and registered.

Can you say CON MAN?

By default, Yoder 75 percent majority.

Northlander said...

Need to put out the word how Brownback has reduced Kansas to 2nd class schools,2nd class roads and bridges , and police protection [ Highway Patrol } Does Kansas what's good for their children's education and safety on streets ? If not vote of Sidie