Thursday, October 06, 2016


There's still a lot of this year left to go while City Hall is mostly focused on their development agenda. Take a look: Drive-by shootings are on a dramatic rise in Kansas City


Anonymous said...

It'll avg out to about one a day; nice. KCMO is a shitbox.

Anonymous said...

I can not figure out how a race than never seems to have legal license tags can drive all over the city with arsenals in their vehicles, but if you park at an angle at the sports complex you get ten cops busting your balls.

Anonymous said...

Mostly because of the shit out hole Diebels on the Plaza and the bluntz ass thugs attracted to the shit outta here ¡¡

Anonymous said...

10/6/16, 8:45 PM Black Privilege.

Anonymous said...


Everybody can THANK, KCMO Mayor Sly James and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and her office for their soft on crime agenda and their support of letting criminals off the hook with a SLAP on the Wrist !

Both of them are Democratic Liberal Lib'Tard scumbags !!!

Look at CHICAGO , philly, Baltimore, Detroit all run by Democratic Liberal Lib'Tards , all they do is lie to their voters mainly the Black voters who don't know any better, not that it their fault, they just don't know ,, but it appears they are waking up now across the country as to how Pathetic these Democratic liberals really are !!!