Monday, October 24, 2016


TKC Note . . . "Hottie Lily Aldridge would never do pr0n but her international modeling goodness serves as a symbol in this effort to earn justice for local modeling babes who were allegedly the victims of deception."

Right now we're sharing the essential deets of this scam in order to keep Kansas City models safe.


Former Wedding Photographer Indicted in Pornography Fraud Scheme

Dozens of KC-Area Women Duped into Rehearsing for Fake Pornography Movies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced today that a former wedding photographer in Raymore, Mo., has been indicted by a federal grand jury as part of a federal investigation into a fraud scheme to dupe dozens of women into having sex – which he recorded – under the guise they were rehearsing for a pornography movie.

Here are the sordid deets of this sad story . . .

The federal indictment alleges that the suspect created a succession of various online aliases in which he posed as a talent manager, photographer and videographer for fictitious companies such as “Playboy Worldwide,” “Playboy Asia,” “Dash Agency,” and other companies that he claimed managed private overseas pornography websites. Beginning in August 2011, Antoine allegedly “auditioned” dozens of victims throughout the greater Kansas City area as models for prospective employment with these fictitious businesses by inducing them to engage in sexual and pornographic activity.

The suspect allegedly promised to pay his victims tens of thousands of dollars for entering into contracts for these modeling shoots and engaging in this sexual activity, which entailed auditions in which the victims performed various sexual activities with Antoine, which he recorded.

The suspect presented his victims with forged and false documents to add an appearance of legitimacy to this scheme, the indictment says, including falsified and forged checks issued to other “models,” IRS tax forms, Department of Homeland Security employment forms and various other documents. The suspect falsely registered several Internet domain names, the indictment says, and created false Facebook profiles.

After many of these victims complained they had not been paid as promised, the suspect allegedly forwarded images of this sexual activity with these victims to their employers and significant others . . .

Most importantly here might be more Kansas City lady victims out there . . .

"The investigation is ongoing as authorities are still identifying additional victims. Anyone who believes they have been victimized is urged to contact the FBI at 816-512-8200."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

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No barista or t-shirt store jobs?

Anonymous said...

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"prospective employment"

Show-Me Institute blogger, for example.

Anonymous said...

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