Tuesday, October 04, 2016


While politicos and their acolytes make big promises this evening, closer to home yet another spate of gunfire rings out and injures an innocent child.


Fox4: A 5-year-old boy was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital on Tuesday night with serious injuries from a shooting in the 400 block of Denver. Multiple people called 911 at about 7 p.m. after hearing gunshots, including a woman who said her son had been shot in the right leg.

More deets:

"The suspects were last seen driving northbound towards Budd Park in either a white Jeep Cherokee or white Ford Explorer with heavy-tinted windows and Kansas license plates. The vehicle also may have spray-painted black rims."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Near the shit out hole on the Plaza ??

Anonymous said...

There it is again... East Patrol.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere near the Plaza. Get out of Johnson County.

Anonymous said...

Driving a pimpmobile, imagine that. Probably has a temporary tag too.

Anonymous said...

Starting to think its an actual fettish with black folk,

shooting children,that is. No more excuse's necessary from clueless or just

plain ol' stupid -as -fuck liberal's and black apologist's..How can you -

continue to do so ? HOW ? We aren't even talking about animal's here !

No amount of poverty,drug's,gang's.YOU NAME IT , make normal human being's

KILL KILL KILL children & and other people like BLACK MALE'S do ,and all without-

giving it a second thought. FACE IT..We are dealing with a culture that is-

lower ,less intelligent & meaner than any animal ,ever discovered in modern -time's !

Animal's are not known to kill ,unless they're hungry , defending their young-

or scared..These mother fucker's don't deserve to be compared with animal's.

To call them BEAST'S,doesn't cut it either..Then WTF are they ??

FUCK IF I KNOW...I just know their time is up!

They have forfeited their right (i say, privilege) to walk freely among us.

Anonymous said...

you delete it ,Tony and you have lost all credibility..ALL OF IT

Anonymous said...

Hi there 9:09 , agreed , truth is that ! Free , true and honestly is a bitch for KILLING CITY AND OUR HOSSY TKC !!¡

Anonymous said...

To the shit out hole Diebels on the Plaza Isa risk your life and death !!¡!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This is Sly James' SMART CITY?

Dayton said...

Could be a Latino gang war,had Ks plates, maybe wyco vatos vs Northeast

Anonymous said...

Just more black love on display. Unity is great. One love

Anonymous said...

Cleaver and Sly should stop getting the kids free Internet, housing,m food, clothes and education and ship surplus military flak vests to them. After all this IS Sly's Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

FACTOID for October 2016

FACTOID # 1 KCMO Mayor Sly James Anti Violence programs working real good ?????

FACTOID # 2 All that TAX PAYER MONEY KCMO Mayor Sly James "gave" & handed out to those supposed "Anti-Violence Groups" where did it really go ??
How was it really used ??
Whos Pockets did it really line ??

Factoid # 3 Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, is just a Phony & Corrupt as Mayor Sly James

FACTOID # 4 Both are Democratic Communist Liberals with a Sick Twisted pathetic Agenda

FACTOID # 5 Both will Lie their Communist asses off to deceive you and the public, with the Lying Communist Liberal News Media Anchors & Reporters playing along with them.

FACTOID # 6 The Public & Community is fed up & tired of these Sick Twisted Pathetic Degenerate Communist lying 2 faced assholes, constantly lying to the community & the public !!!!!!!!!

FACTOID # 7 There will be NO Huge protests or burning of buildings over any of this by that Pathetic Sick Twisted Degenerate Communist Terrorist Group, known as "BLACK LIVES MATTER"
Because its very obvious that Black Lives Don't Matter as they continue to ALLOW their Hoodrat Thugs Gangsta' Psycho's to go around and shoot more kids !!!!!

FACTOID # 8 The Local Kansas City News Media anchors & reporters help provide cover to the criminals, quite often, by not providing full details on the Suspects as the Communist Liberal News Media continues to play their Sick Twisted "Political Correctness",, Bullshit !!!!

FACTOID # 9 Kansas City Missouri and All communities within, have severely went DOWN HILL and into the Gutter, since this Mayor SLY JAMES has took office ~ !!!!!

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FACTOID # 11 Refer to the above previous 10 FACTOIDS !!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Nicely done Crazy clown. Reprint this TKC. This is one of the best comments all month!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys , I have been deleted , all comments wiped by his homo Highness TKC !!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ Then why did he miss this one?

Anonymous said...

Some good comments here. Great job keyboard warriors.

Go get yourself a snack!

Anonymous said...

KC = Home to crime.