Sunday, October 02, 2016


Recent efforts from Kansas City police to build trust and create cooperation within communities don't apply to transparency about data collection on residents according to a recent report.

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Post & Courier: Handful of police holdouts won’t say what records they are keeping on citizens


"A handful of top police agencies across the country have ignored or refused multiple requests over seven months to answer questions about their use of shadowy databases that track people who crossed paths with officers but were not charged with crimes.

"Beginning in February, The Post and Courier surveyed the 50 largest law enforcement agencies in the United States to assess their use of so-called field contact databases to document police encounters with people on the street. The survey . . . revealed police forces were hoarding the personal information of millions of Americans, many of whom had not been charged.

"Missouri’s Kansas City Police Department sidestepped four phone calls and six emails seeking comment."

Like it or not, the reality is that law enforcement data collection is a fact of modern life but doesn't seem to be doing much good given rising homicide and crime numbers throughout Kansas City i.e. info without intelligence is nearly as pointless as Internets overload that basically just helps the government spy on citizens via Facebook & Google . . . TKC NOTE: I'm cool with the ham sandwiches served at Guantanamo Bay but I would like to put in a request for an extra pillow.

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Anonymous said...

They also track and report all PD internet activity to the Chief.

Anonymous said...

Twitter too?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Subject #123769 Facebook

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Subject #584932 Facebook

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Subject #143756 Facebook

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Anonymous said...

Its called criminal intelligence and it has existed for decades. It is kept secret because the info is sensitive and handing it over to the public would destroy what little is left in the effort to effect criminal activity. Get over it ass clowns. The only dangers are some moron accessing the information and not knowing what to do with it.

Anonymous said...

If the stupid cops had intel on REAL criminals instead of innocent citizens, maybe their job would be easier and we would be safer.

Anonymous said...

8:33 is exactly right.

8:58 you are an idiot and clearly part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind how the Kansas City Highway shooter was caught by the KCPD trolling thru neighborhoods with a license plate "catcher". How long and to what purpose is this info kept???????

Anonymous said...

The police regard everyone as a criminal.

They have little choice; for their own safety.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot. Federal agents have access to your debit and credit card expenditures (including your porn), your communications data and a satellite can follow you down the road, without a court order, if they so wish and no one works up a fart over it. Let the police collect and analyze information through legitimate collection methods and it seems like everyone wants to shit their britches. Some of you dumb fucks better wake up and grasp that your privacy went out the window over two decades ago. Hell, even your employers, through your health insurance they mostly pay for, can track your medical history, including that dose of the clap you got or your trip to the shrink. Kind of late to rub your tits raw at this point.

Anonymous said...

The list is tantamount to people police have disagreements with, or they dont like them or they like them too much. It has no legitimate purpose and its certainly irrelevant to actual criminals. The information will just be used as a political tool to further hurt people. That's what living in KC is all about: how much misery csn I cause somebody else and get away with it?

Anonymous said...

4:52 What basis in fact are you using for making your claims? You don't have any inside information and what you are saying reflects nothing short of unbridled paranoia based on your own issues. Take your meds and STFU.

Anonymous said...

Clearance Kelly set up computerized policing after he left the FBI and became Police Chief of the KCPD. At the same time Oakland Police Chief Michael Gains, (Army Gen (Ret), former FBI)set up COINTELPRO to take out radical leftist groups like the Black Panthers, anti war organizations, labor radicals and others. Police were able to commit crimes without prosecution ever since.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Fuck! Another conspiracy theory right from the files of Alex the late night radio douche bag. Cops have been filling out contact sheets or logging contacts since the 1940s, maybe earlier, 'cause when matched with other data they can provide a pretty damn good clue on who is up to no good and who was in close proximity of certain crimes at the time they were committed or planned. This shit is not some kind of top secret hocus pocus frame up deal. It is simply a means to putting credible information with other credible information or facts like pieces of a puzzle.

Fir example, if you have contact or observe a guy outside of Walgreens every Friday night at 1AM and all of a sudden Walgreens gets robbed at 1 AM you probably will want to go talk to this guy. Would not be possible if no one ever noted anything. Geeeeze, lets stop trying to cram ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag already.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Agreed!!! I like your analogy.

It kinda remind's me of a real- life problem i have.

It suck's but i have a heck of a time with damn near having to shoehorn
my cock into a condom.forget about regular size condom's.

I'm talking about Magnum's..It's a real bitch!!! but i suppose i could have far worse thing's to worry about.. Still tho!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I am so damn tired of having to wheel-barrel my manhood out to the car. I have to drive all the way over to Johnson county to find a married hoe that can handle it too.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya brother..seems like they're the only one's
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keep ur chin up ,dude