Thursday, October 06, 2016

Rachel And Kansas City Thursday

Right now we're inspired by Rachel Aldana hotness as we gather some of the more important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Kansas City Tech Cash Celebration
Batch of startup funding news kicks off Kansas City's autumn
Killing In Proximity To Youngster
Man charged with shooting, killing brother as he stood next to 2-year-old brushing teeth says it was an accident
Cowtown Itchy Scratchy Plauge
Oak Mites Are Back With A Vengeance In Kansas City
Golden Ghetto Political Slap Fight
Republicans want study of Jay Sidie's investment business; Democrats scoff
Legendary Local Performance
Tom Jones fulfills and confounds expectations at the Uptown
And this is the OPEN THREAD for the afternoon . . .


Anonymous said...

i threw my mens fruit of the looms -size 42 at him and he diden't notice,even took a whiff.

Anonymous said...

What? Branson is full?

Anonymous said...

Black people are 8% of Lee's Summit population yet have committed every single murder within the city, just like Overland Park. Fucking animals. No offense to animals, I know you're smarter than they are.

Anonymous said...

"She's A Lady" geriatric lyrics:

Oh, whoa - whoa - whoa, I'm nearly eighty!

Topplin' about, and gettin' shaky.

Oh, oh, oh, my joints are achy.

Still, my bone can get a rise.

Anonymous said...


Bosom Buddy? Her cups runneth over!!!

Anonymous said...

Were they throwing panties or Depends on stage?