Thursday, October 13, 2016


More insight into the HORRIFIC conditions at the Jackson County jail and a report of a recent lawsuit should not only inspire calls for reform to the prison industrial complex but might also encourage locals to avoid any trouble with authorities given the shocking testimony.

The reality is that rampant assault, intimidation and incompetence at the jail have now created an onslaught of lawsuits that could cost Jackson County taxpayers millions.

The latest . . .

KCTV5: A former Jackson County inmate serving time for a probation violation, due to marijuana possession, said he was raped in jail then sent the bill for his attack.


"The attack happened in a dark communal bathroom. He was slammed against the wall and raped. Several teeth were broken in the attack . . . He spent a short time in the hospital then returned to the jail to finish his sentence. He said a guard pulled him aside and asked him to deny the rape because he was friends with the other inmate . . ."

So far, elected officials at the courthouse have responded miserably to this controversy as this scandal tarnishes their careers. Nearly a year after he left office, Former Exec Mike Sanders looks brilliant for bailing on this job amid this crisis that started during his tenure but has now tainted the current honcho Frank White.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone fired?!! Guards should be arrested and all command staff should be terminated. Why do taxpayers in this county have to deal with this?

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is Frank White doing? Has the county fallen that far apart since he took over? Jesus Christ! He needs to think about resigning.

Anonymous said...

What this really proves, is that MORE prisons need to be built and MORE blacks incarcerated. Or, they will be released into the "general population" in the city and the nation.

Blacks are literally "de-evolving" into ever more atavistic, violent and sub human behavior. The answer is not to ignore the stats, the broken lives, the blood stained streets and the rapes in prison, it is to segregate as much as possible from the violence that is part and parcel of the Black Sub Culture. STOP making heroes out of thugs who resist arrest, who rape, murder and assault by way of de facto permission to do so, from Progressive/Liberal politicians, the Press and the Entertainment Industry.

In the mean time, stay out of jail with these animals or suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

This started out last year as some guards beating up rowdy inmates and has evolved this year into massive numbers of rapes with the assistance of guards?! White is in way over his head. He is incapable of running the jail, it needs to be taken over by the state or the feds. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

that the nog is behind this is without question.

Here's a piece on prison rape with some interesting stats.

Here's a quote with some of the highlights:


13% involved white inmates raping white inmates

29% involved black inmates raping black inmates.

56% involved black inmates raping white inmates.

This comes to a grand total of 85% of prison rapes being committed by blacks, with 69% of the victims being white. The rapes of white inmates are normally done by gangs of blacks and somewhat in the open so that other inmates, but not staff, can witness the attacks.

I mean you're not going to argue with facts but of course that does not agree with Tony's dreamy world view.

Black is black
And we should send nogs back

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The sheriff or sate needs to take over the jail. Frank White is a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff is also a buffoon, but I think he could do a much better job.

Anonymous said...

Frank needs to step down. He cant do this job and is ruining his reputation.

Anonymous said...

Frank has to go! Guy is totally unqualified

Anonymous said...

This Frank White is just another in a long line of grifters helping Kansas City to get even more fucked up. He was some kind of famous jock once? Hey, THAT qualifies him! Jesus.

Jim said...
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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The good news is after having his ass cavity thoroughly searched no drugs or contraband were found!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank White is an embarrassment.
Frank White is one gullible fool.
Frank White is keeping thugs on staff in the jail.
Frank White what in the hell are you doing?

Polar Bear said...

Ass raped over some week. Gotta be a Trump voter disguised as Hill-billary CLinton.

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Anonymous said...

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