Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pitch Roundup Of Kansas City Public Library Israel Chatter And Ensuring Slap Fight

Here's library honcho and rich kid (at heart) Crosby Kemper III throwing off-duty police under the bus . . . Arrests at a Kansas City Public Library event show how the lines blur when off-duty police work private security


chadd said...

Police violating the US Constitution, to protect and serve?

Anonymous said...

Why would a bureaucrat even be allowed to be paid separately for doing a gig at a facility bought and paid for by the tax payers? That would be like the county administrator getting paid to sit in for the mayor for a day and getting another paycheck.

Anonymous said...

The Police do not watch their off duty deals close enough. Off duty police should stay "OFF" If a plain clothes grabs me with out showing his badge, then the city pays BIG TIME.

Phil Cardarella said...

Let's be blunt: This is an outrage, and the JCC and the KCMOPD need to pay for it.

A citizen attending a public event at the PUBLIC library and asking a question at the mic set up for that purpose, is grabbed by the JCC rentacop. It was the duty of a KCMOPD Detective to protect the questioner, even arrest the rentacop for the assault he had performed. BUT the off-duty detective did not protect the citizen being assaulted BECAUSE HE WAS ON THE RENTACOP PAYROLL! He joined in the assault.

Then, when the only person who had the authority to allow either of them to remove the questioner -- the LIBRARY asst. director -- "interfered" with this illegal assault by telling them to stop engaging in it, he was arrested, too. And both were handcuffed and sent off in a paddy-wagon to make bond.

Oh, and the KCMOPD is defending the detective -- instead of suspending him. And, the KCMO Prosecutors are actually pursuing the charges!

So, the next time you feel like scoffing at Black Lives Matter, remember what was done to two middle-aged white guys in a public library in full view of a hundred witnesses -- and multiple cameras -- and which was then CONDONED by both the PD and the prosecutors!