Monday, October 17, 2016

Newspaper Transcribes Democratic Party Rally Talking Points From Kansas City Congressman Cleaver & Mayor Sly James

Hey everybody . . . Here's midday "journalism" from the newspaper in the form of softball questions from our favorite UMKC professor with a great deal to teach us about acting as the 4th Estate. Checkit: Emanuel Cleaver, Sly James seek to ignite Democratic voters


Anonymous said...

Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards - P. J. O'Rourke

If there was ever an election where we need a "none of the above" option 2016 is it. Trump & Hillary; Greitens & Koster; Kander & Blunt. Hard to imagine any worse candidates for important positions.

Anonymous said...


Sunday's Star (p.24A) officially endorsed "the devil they know". The piece begins with plenty negatives for each candidate.

So, no shock that KC's "newspaper" choice goes to the supposed lesser of evils--Establishment Wonk and Treason Charges Evader over the Everyone Hater Saying Everything's Gonna Be Greater.

Anonymous said...

^^ 1:44 here, I meant that last line as how much of msm portrays the candidates--not necessarily my own take.

Anonymous said...


Kraske is NOT a journalist. He's an admitted member and mouthpiece for the Liberal Democrat Crime Machine. He celebrates and promotes the Big Government, High Taxes, Big Brother totalitarian state, fronted locally by such intellectually-deficient, morally bankrupt representatives like Congressman Carwash and Mayor Sly.

Kraske basically left the KC Star several years ago in a downsizing, early retirement compromise.

The Star's uber-Liberal Editorial Board has thankfully been incinerated. Paul gone. Shelly gone. Abouhalkah gone. Diuguid gone. Asses to ashes, diatribes to dust.

Dave Helling has escaped significant attention by laying very low and not sticking his head above ground. He never touches racial issues, and purposely refrains from drawing much attention to himself, instead repeating the mantra that both parties are to blame for the current political dysfunction. Will this strategy see him to retirement?

Now, contrast all of the above, to the increasing popularity and relevance of blog. While the Liberals soaked themselves in kerosene and danced too close to the bonfire, TKC routinely takes on controversial issues, local political players, the corporate media, while stridently promoting free speech, and does so all in the role of a public watchdog.

TKC stands tall, while the others fall.
We Salute TKC and his blog community!

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Anonymous said...

Monkey see Monkey do

Anonymous said...

I'm no Republican but that picture is a couple con-artists.

Anonymous said...

How about these two fools ignite their brains and do what is right by the taxpayers they serve.

Anonymous said...

I pledge allegience to TKC
And the racism that he stands for.
One nation, whites only.
With slander and falsehoodsnfor all.