Monday, October 03, 2016

NBC Action News Stays Emmy Winning

Credit to this local news leader and their TV prizes . . . We like this crew because they're the first to admit blatantly taking a lot of their cues from our TKC blog community. Checkit: 41 Action News wins big at the regional EMMY® Awards


Anonymous said...

Since all the serious news reporters left KSHB long ago, the award must be based on Lezak and his dogs.
Hard-hitting local news you can count on!

Anonymous said...


Best Dog By A Weatherperson = Gary Lezak

Having Sex With Your Co-Anchor = Mike Marusarz and Rhiannon Ally

Repeatedly Losing Your Co-Anchor = Christa Dubill

Maximizing Your Use Of "Nerd" and "Big-Time" = JD Rudd

Next To Leave Town For Other Opportunities = Sexy Lexi Sutter

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they won Enemas. That place can use a good deep flush given the bullshit they put out.

Anonymous said...

Channel 41 is going to go the way of the Kansas City Star.

Anonymous said...

10:01---That's pretty good but J.D. Rudd is a free agent as of today.

Another one is soon to be out the door at KSHB, as meteorologist J.D. Rudd completed three years at the station and has now declared himself available. There had been rumors Rudd was talking to another station in town, but as of now, that's unconfirmed. Rudd's website simply says he's available in October 2016. Rudd is also married to KSHB reporter Alyson Bruner.

Hyperblogal said...

Too bad an Emmy doesn't translate into journalistic accuracy.