Saturday, October 29, 2016

More Kansas City Saturday News Links

Hottie Alice Goodwin gives us good reason to take a peek at more Kansas City mainstream media links today.


Kansas City Cookout Commemoration
Slain Green Duck Owner Remembered At Community Birthday Barbeque
Kansas City Real Estate Consumer Warning
Catching tricky rental scams before they get you
Sunflower State Against Terror
Kansas GOP Mailing Focuses on Islamic State
6 Month Lease Biz Max
Pawns and Pints board game cafe opens in Kansas City Crossroads
The Scary Kansas City Weekend
Halloween Celebrations Galore & Other Weekend Possibilities
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Anonymous said...

One of the many, many things wrong with the black community. A celebration for someone like Jimmy Townsend. The bar is set pretty low in the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Did you know him personaly? He owned a bar smack dab in the middle of the ghetto , fucking -crime central.. Of course bad shit has happened in and around that bar for years but a man's gotta make a living.There is no way in hell Jimmy could have kept the bad element from coming in and doing what they do.Think about it.Black people deseve a place to have a drink. just like anyone does,if thats what they prefer to do.

Id love to see you try to run The Duck for over fourty years and at the same time not have any problems with drugs,violence and all the usual things that come with owning a bar..ANY BAR,ANY PART OF TOWN..Believe me that stuff happens,even if you can't see it..Try working one on Prospect.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment made above appears to be made by Chef Fortae

Anonymous said...


Alice coyly smiled when I told her I was a "purple people eater"!!!

Anonymous said...

So the hoodrats will protect even the murder of Jimmy Townsend? I couldn't remember if that one got solved or not. I'm shocked there wasn't a shooting at the bbq.