Friday, October 07, 2016

Midtown Kansas City Foot Massage Scare

Just another local creeper in training: "According to the warning, the man has approached Penn Valley students and asked to rub their feet. The man also reportedly attempted to forcibly grab one person's foot." Local colleges warn students about a man offering foot massages on campus


Anonymous said...

First tranny horse slappers and now foot lickers, when will it end?

Anonymous said...

Jules: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... stop right there. Eatin' a bitch out, and givin' a bitch a foot massage ain't even the same fuckin' thing.

Vincent: It's not. It's the same ballpark.

Jules: Ain't no fuckin' ballpark neither. Now look, maybe your method of massage differs from mine, but, you know, touchin' his wife's feet, and stickin' your tongue in her Holiest of Holies, ain't the same fuckin' ballpark, it ain't the same league, it ain't even the same fuckin' sport. Look, foot massages don't mean shit.

Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?

Jules: [scoffs] Don't be tellin' me about foot massages. I'm the foot fuckin' master.

Vincent: Given a lot of 'em?

Jules: Shit yeah. I got my technique down and everything, I don't be ticklin' or nothin'.

Vincent: Would you give a guy a foot massage?
[Jules gives Vincent a long look, realizing he's been set up]

Jules: Fuck you.

Vincent: You give them a lot?

Jules: Fuck you.

Vincent: You know, I'm getting kinda tired. I could use a foot massage myself.

Jules: Man, you best back off, I'm gittin' a little pissed here.

Anonymous said...

Lonesome dove??? I knew it!!

Anonymous said...

Where are all the women giving foot massages. Bitches need to learn their place.

Anonymous said...

I will be giving Beaver massages. Call me at BR -549

Anonymous said...

Make sure you wear gloves in these parts.

Anonymous said...

506: came hoping to post this. Well done sir. I thought the same thing.

Super Dave said...

5:06 that was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Walker told me I have aids