Friday, October 07, 2016

Mary Sanchez Confronts 'The Mexican Thing' In Latest Screed Against Trump & The GOP

Taking all the fun out of this week's favorite Latino meme: GOP better think twice about 'that Mexican thing'


Anonymous said...

Make yer frijoles and slam yer pie hole cry baby.

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a Mexican THING it IS Narley Snatcheese.

Anonymous said...

If Mary is the next one laid off by the Red Star, she'll just go to her old job. The donkey in Tijuana hasn't been the same since she left.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez, the government-paid propaganda agent masquerading as a journalist, assigned to The Kansas City Star, is sweating bullets with the knowledge that new management has now given the boot to both Abouhalkah and Diuguid, and she's now in their cross-hairs.

A Mary Sanchez who attempts to issue threats to others is a most unpleasant sight. Beyond the mere hilarity of such an action, Ms. Sanchez just doesn't begin to carry the gravitas to make such statements. It's like PeeWee Herman issuing an ultimatum to Hulk Hogan or Barack Obama playing a masculine role.

Note to Ms. Sanchez, I estimate that your reference to "La Llorona and El Chupacabra" have left a good 80 percent of readers in the dark. That's some mighty fine writing. Here's yet another example of poor writing on your behalf: when you used the word "calumnies", it's such a blatant stretch from concise writing, that everyone recognizes your desperate attempt to appear intellectual, and it has the opposite effect.

Mary Sanchez, as part of her propaganda duties for the DNC and Media Matters, has continually propagated the lie that Donald Trump/Republicans view all Mexicans as criminals. While it's such an outrageous fabrication, everyone should be able to discern it's ridiculousness upon first hearing it. What Trump has forcefully spoken out on is the crimes committed against American citizens by CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS. Now, Mary Sanchez refers to these criminals as "undocumented immigrants" and conjures images of women and children landing at Ellis Island who've lost their paperwork. She entirely dismisses the 2 key descriptors, "Criminal" and "Illegal Alien" which sets them apart from the majority of all immigrants who've made their way to our country. Ms. Sanchez is hoping that most readers don't know that Trump's paternal grandparents came here from Germany, his own mother from Scotland, and his wife from Slovenia. So yes, you can see clearly that he hates immigrants.....NOT!!

Now here's some major Sanchez COMEDY folks, "Indeed, it is impossible to regard this provocation as anything other than part of a strategy to blow up the Republican Party and reconstitute it in the mold of populist white nationalism." Only she's not kidding! Mary Sanchez has morphed into one of those creepy clowns that's been making the news lately. I hear she wears giant oversized boots, and drives around town in a little tiny car too! Her clown name is La S-trump-et.

From there, Ms. Sanchez must have hit her wine glass limit, as she begins to seriously roam. She mentions her agitprop training, Tim Kaine's extremely rude performance in the Vice-Presidential debate, Bill Clinton's history as a serial rapist, and her own embedded bigotry.

Anonymous said...

What came as a surprise, is that while Mary Sanchez is still awaiting Americans of Latino heritage to take their place in American society and politics, the rest of us have already seen it take place. The vast majority of Latino Americans have distinguished themselves as good citizens with a strong work ethic, strong family and religious life, military service, and integration into the American melting pot. This population, many of them relatively recent, are exactly the kind of individuals who can help Make America Great Again!

Ms. Sanchez can dwell with the Liberal Know Nothings, and try her best to divide and conquer Americans of different ethnicities, playing one off against the other, hoping to reap political benefits from imposed segregation, but it's a seriously flawed strategy. Americans are rejecting the Liberal Democrat standard operating procedure of pigeonhole politics: Blacks go in this box, Latinos go in that box, Jews over here, LGBT over there, and urban liberal Whites in this drawer.

We're strongest when we meet together on a level playing field, where your reputation is based upon your word, your work ethic, and your respect for others and the rule of law.

Though politics should never be someone's career, one candidate for President this year has done little else her entire adult lifetime. She went from doing shady legal work at The Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas; to First Lady of Arkansas where she was an accomplice in cocaine trafficking, money laundering, influence peddling, and racketeering with the Arkansas EDC, just to be brief; to the White House with multiple scandals and her husband's impeachment; to the U.S. Senate from NY (where she was an ineligible candidate); to U.S. Secretary of State where she sold influence in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, all while violating our national security with extensive use of insecure email servers and phones. Now she wants to be President because she has a vagina.

Here's perhaps the one point I agree on with Mary Sanchez, "Día de los Muertos is about respect — respect for the souls of our departed ancestors and friends. We tend to their graves to welcome their spirits back. Respect is important to us." I look forward to all Americans of Latino heritage who are eligible to vote in November, to join with the millions of other Americans of all backgrounds, who seek to make this country great and secure it's place as the world's bastion for life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom. May God Bless Our Nation.

Byron Funkhouser said...

As you can see by the above comments, Trump Supporters don't want Chicano's to vote for Trump.

But, I don't think that they have to worry about it. Only stupid white men will vote for Trump, & only a misogynist would insist that Trump is a better choice than Clinton.

Anonymous said...

9:44/9:45 - Yes.

Uh, Mary, those Irish immigrants didn't get to sneak by the millions into America. They didn't midnight hike into the U.S., jump off train boxcars, or climb out from behind crates of a produce truck. Employment agreements for adult males and sponsorship by family or
a parish had to be secured to
allow entrance for the vast majority of Irish and others seeking residency here.

All of us, whether more like saints, sinners, and whatever moral measure of human, is known in every creed, color, and kind. Looking away from illegal immigration is not safe, nor sane. It doesn't honor civility. It denies law and order.

Anonymous said...

Byron keeps hot sauce in his purse just like you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

mary and hillary need to get together and campaign for that "taco truck on every corner".

Anonymous said...

Byron Funkhouser at 12:11AM comment above, is a classic case of self-hatred.

For many years now, he has been a broken shell of a man, unemployed, unintelligent, and unwilling to stand upon his own two feet.

To compensate for his self-hatred, he redirects his anger toward other white males who are capable of self-sufficiency. He's grown to self-identify as a dependent woman, a minority, a marginalized member of society, for it is here where he can find a niche to deflect from his shortcomings. Bryon proclaims that he is a VICTIM!! It's not HIS fault. Others have conspired against him. He waved the white flag of surrender years ago, and now merely subsists, until his final days whereby he fully drifts into the abyss of Liberal Victimhood Hell.