Monday, October 10, 2016

Killer Kansas State Supreme Court Debate

More followup on the infamous Wichita Massacre and how it threatens to unseat these Sunflower State legal eagles whilst "progressive" don't think judges should be held accountable for their decisions. You decdie: Will The Death Penalty Debate Determine Who Is On The Kansas Supreme Court?


Anonymous said...

All you defenders of all things black people should read all about this crime. And don't read the Wikipedia version either, find an article with all of the horrible details because this right here, is black people.

Anonymous said...

The Carr brothers are not indicative of most humans, let alone any race. What they did was vile, and beyond the capability of most people. This was NOT random, I don't care how many people try to tell you that it was.
It was premeditated (tell me how two scummy men from Dodge City just HAPPENED to kill BMOC Brad Heyka, and his friends, in a city 3 hours away).
The black community in Dodge City was just as appalled as any other community. These two had EVERY opportunity possible, and they threw it away for a life of crime and murder. What a horrible, horrible thing.

Anonymous said...

The recall effort has nothing to do with the Carr brothers case. There was no possibility the decisions were going to set these guys free. While the US Supreme Court ended up reversing the KS Supreme Court's decision, it wasn't a black and white issue that was being decided. This is a political effort to recall these justices - nothing else! Don't believe the hype. Keep politics out of our courts.