Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kansas City Uptown Double Down Today!!!

Fact check . . . Our blog community reveals that part of this deal is ALREADY a part of a FAILING TIF . . . Here's the roundup of a council action scheduled to sneak through today: KCMO planning committee approves Uptown community improvement district


Anonymous said...

Another example of complete misuse of another "development" statute by very well-paid clever attorneys who easily roll local electeds into subsidizing anything and anybody with a pulse.
Does anyone really have the faintest idea of how much tax revenue KCMO gives away each and every year?
But there's not enough money to maintain and operate the fountains in "Fountain City".
Or fix the streets and sidewalks.
Or have enough cops on the street.
What a sad excuse for city government.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, how much sales tax is enough?

Dayton said...


Anonymous said...

Again, this won't encourage a single peckerwood to get off his ass and vote!

Anonymous said...

The Uptown has been a staple of that Valentine neighborhood for years. Whether you like this corporate giveaway crap or not there are worse people to give $ to.