Monday, October 10, 2016

Kansas City Transit Advert Should Remind Voters That The Streetcar Steals Bus Money

Not so long ago, the former leader of the bus systems said that diverting transit tax money for streets and streetcars is taking its toll. The situation hasn't improved but management of the bus is far more politically astute and now is aligned with Mayor Sly's development focused agenda.

Accordingly, instead of improvements in bus service . . . We've got really great commercials.

Example . . .

The tagline for the flashy clip:

"RideKC unifies transit throughout Kansas City. One name, one brand, one website, one system, one vision. Wherever you are going, RideKC will connect you. Come take a ride with us!"

Never mind that over the past two years assaults and instances of gunfire on the bus have increased while most more and more transit funding is directed toward the toy train streetcar.

Developing . . .