Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kansas City Tessa Tuesday Morning

Once again we start our early Tuesday with a peek at probably the cutest of all curvy models grinding on the Internets.

And of course, here's a quick collection of Kansas City news to keep our blog community informed about topics closer to home. Take a look:

Don't Fear Arrest At Another Kansas City Library Chat Tonight!!!
A (Nonpartisan) Look at the 2016 Election
Sunflower State Prez Debate
How Some Kansans Have Come Around To Support Trump, Clinton
Show-Me Koster Against German Autos
Missouri sues Volkswagen over diesel emissions
Conservative Election Assurances
Kansas Secretary of State says election could be 'stolen' but likely not rigged
Local Obamacare Cutbacks
Blue KC slashes number of health insurance plans it will offer on and off government marketplace
Scare For Suburban Parents
State investigators looking into Blue Springs daycare abuse allegations
Celebrate Kansas City Crackhead News
Teen writes about living at home with the crack addict her mother married
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .