Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kansas City Ruckus Lightning Round Tonight!!!

The latest installment of Kansas City's top political chat show aired just a few moments ago. Check the recap and watch these movers and shakers battle for cowtown political supremacy tonight:

"Mike Shanin interviews Mary Eisenhower, CEO of People to People International, about the organization's work as it celebrates its 60th anniversary and her relationship with her grandfather, President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Cynthia Wheeler, Pat McInerney, Steve Rose and Patrick Tuohey discuss the Kansas City Police Department's 90-day trial of body cameras, efforts to extend the streetcar line and upcoming tax increase ballot issues in Johnson County and Kansas City."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title: Kansas City talking heads.

Greedo said...

Is this what they mean by the chattering class?

Anonymous said...

Anything over 14 " and somebody loses their mind. Today they took a whole bunch of STFU pills and they were kinda working with a splashdown of coffee with that vodka combo. Somebody took a big chill pill or was told to chill but the grey tracks were not helping, okay. Who was going to take anyone or anything serioriously.. Pure entertainment. Just needed Glorioso instead of Touhuey. Looney Tunes!
Shanin, as ever...

Anonymous said...


In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. And so, I think this analogy is cogent to the positive rebirth of RUCKUS following the Summer pledge break. By failing to maintain a steady balance between the negative forces of Democrat panelists and the positive forces of Republican/Libertarian panelists, the former Ruckus had grown complacent, drifting ever closer to the combustible reaches of the Sun, until it self-immolated in a spontaneous eruption of negativity.

But let's not dwell upon the past, for we all make mistakes, and this life is a continuous journey of discovery and reincarnation. We celebrate the new RUCKUS and toast Mike Shanin, the Energizer Bunny of political discussion hosting. He just keeps going and going!!

I like IKE!! Now, straight to the panel:

Cynthia Wheeler (D) -- Steve Rose (R) -- Patrick McInerney (D) -- Patrick Tuohey (L)

Does This Body Camera Make My Butt Look Big?
McInerney paints a dire future, as body-cams are only Step 2 following the dash-cam, to be superseded by holster/weather/real-time instructions to the officer in the field. Wheeler reports that she just spoke to Chief Forte (she must be important) and then proceeds into the weeds with the Brennan Institute, Washington Post, and CCTV in London. FAIL. Steve Rose confirms that Johnson County has been years ahead of KCPD on the body-cam issue. And in 93 percent of complaint cases, the police officer is exonerated via body-cam footage. FACTS are good to know. Then McInerney violated my safe space by calling someone a FOP! Mr. Tuohey, the Libertarian, raises some excellent points concerning privacy. In closing, Nixon sticks up for Nixon.

Streetcar Named Undesirable
Nixon cites her news sources (NYTimes, Washington Post, Huffington Post) and that she always drinks their Kool-Aid. She admits that "someone might disagree with me"....gee! do you think? Here's another Nixon gem, "we need to learn to grow"....please recall that she is in marketing after all. Tuohey breaks the stale air by actually citing facts from tax records, disproving the false mantra that ToyTrains are vehicles of economic development. Again, FACTS are good to know. At this time, Shanin informs viewers that he had sent all the panelists an interesting and substantive article from (HAT TIP!). On streetcar ridership claims, Rose invokes the memory of KC claiming 800,000 gathered at Union Station for the Royals celebration (NICE ONE!). McInerney then seeks to disparage the TKC community which merely reveals his petty nature, though I did catch his admission to being a TKC reader. HA!!
(At this time, I pause to remind readers that attorney Patrick McInerney was paid some $65,000 from the Sly James For Mayor campaign fund for his representation of the tax scofflaw, who in reality, was ineligible for Mayoral reelection due to his failure to properly pay his taxes.) McInerney reminds me of the staunch vegetarian who I learn works at a slaughterhouse! It raises doubts as to the veracity of his character.

Anonymous said...

Local Government Tells Taxpayers To Take A Hike
Rose advocates 1/4 cent sales tax hike on Golden Ghetto for courtly reasons, and plays the ADA card for good measure. McInerney touts segregation for prisoners and public, can I get a witness? He shockingly claims that things have evolved from the 1950's. All KCMO taxpayers should fast-forward to the 20:37 mark and listen to the exchange between Shanin and Tuohey, it's the highlight of the program. "Why are we having to borrow money to provide basic city services in KCMO?" (and the silence from City Hall is deafening!!) Nixon states that she doesn't mind the tax increase......or was it, she doesn't have a mind? Digging herself a deeper hole, Nixon then proceeds to spout nonsense while her fellow panelists look on with puzzled looks. McInerney mistakenly challenges Tuohey's facts and goes down swinging.

Toast A Marshmallow Or Roast A Weenie
Tuohey toasts Steve Vockrodt for his expose' on the downtown convention center hotel shady shenanigans. Mike Burke and Steven Rattner lying? Oh my!!
Rose roasts a Governor-appointed task force who recommended that KS drop the month-to-month budget estimating process, and rely only on annual estimates.
McInerney roasts "the current administration" for their stunning lack of response to the Syria crisis. Note to McInerney: it's ok to call out the Obama/Clinton TOTAL INCOMPETENCE when it comes to Syria. After all, those 2 are the ones directly responsible for funding, training, and arming the terrorist groups who are serving as U.S. proxies for the illegal invasion and attempted overthrow of the Assad government.
Wheeler toasts Children's Mercy Hospital for supporting the Amendment 3 tax hike. (Wheeler should have disclosed if Children's Mercy is a client) I'm not a smoker, and wish everyone would quit the habit, but there is no correlation between tobacco taxes and children's education. Supporters are pulling a fast one on voters by using the tired "do it for the kids" mantra. I'll vote NO.
Shanin closes by playing a video of an elderly brain-damaged female criminal shouting "What difference does it make?"

Byron Funkhouser said...

"...negative forces of Democrat panelists and the positive forces of Republican/Libertarian panelists,.."

It doesn't matter how many words you use, when you say ignorant shit like this, you're an ignorant shit.

Anonymous said...

@11:42 - BRAVO!

Your roundup was better and more entertaining than the show.

Anonymous said...

Steve Rose = RINO.

Anonymous said...

The weekly standard dilettante lineup.

Anonymous said...

12:04 comment

....and if anyone has first-hand experience with being an ignorant shit, it's Cryon Spunktrouser!

CocoGaugin said...

Like it or not, it was a good show. Period. Everyone pulled it together. Well done.