Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kansas City Police 'Smart' Cash Transforms Historic Northeast Into Hotspot

Community reporting from Northeast News . . . "By the evening of Tuesday, October 11, East Patrol had decided to make the area surrounding St. John and Topping it’s first micro hotspot. That night, Major McHale met with Northeast leaders at the Mattie Rhodes Center to discuss further details about how the department will implement the planned micro hotspot" East Patrol to deploy Smart Policing grant funds in Northeast


Anonymous said...

What? No hotspot at 26th Prospect to Brooklyn. They were saying it was the most dangerous place in the city...until Miles recieved his tax payment from the City. NE has always been a hotspot for crime. That's not new.

Anonymous said...

Ten more laid off, ten more paid off.

Anonymous said...

"Smart Policing"? Like Jumbo Shrimp