Monday, October 24, 2016

Kansas City Northland State Senate Door Knocking Controversy!!!

A cheerful social media statement from a Kansas City State Senate contender attempts to clear up a home visit hot mess as tensions are rising during this down ballot struggle:

Missouri State Senate hopeful J. Bechthold seyz: "My opponent Ryan Silvey complained that I knocked on his door while talking to voters. Sorry folks, I was unsuccessful convincing him to vote for me but I just figured he is such a RINO that he might go for a Democrat like me. I keed, I keed. @Ryan Silvey But considering you are also a prolific door knocker, hypocrisy maybe? So Sorry. I have sinned against you, knocking on your door! If it makes you feel better you can come knock on my door."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty childish on Ryan's part. But he's a politician so that goes hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

Bechthold's major support came from David Humphreys of Joplin MO (owner of Tamko roofing) who seeks revenge on Ryan Silvey for his vote against right to work. Humphreys is a devoted Republican once again trying to buy an office in Mo. Interesting he was so PO'd he gave $ to the Dem.