Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kansas City Metro Teaching Moment: Sleaze Summit Current Events Election Worksheet Triggers Suburban Helicopter Parents

Just a bit of weekend homework and a reminder of the local good life wherein parents are terrified of students keeping up with current events and possibly forming their own opinions . . . Election worksheet upsets some Lee's Summit elementary school parents


Anonymous said...

Not to worry parents.
Your stupid kids can't read it anyway.

Anonymous said...

i was raised and went to school in L S in the 50,s and 60,s and the parents were level headed let the school teach seems now these people are starting to act like the ass holes in O P they dont want little mary and jimmy to learn the facts of life till till they get out of collage or left the nest how sad

Anonymous said...

Funny thing - Lee's Summit has plenty of problems.It is not all nearly

"the good life" , as Tony think's. Get out of that stink-hole KC ,and visit

some of these Burb's.spend some time there .get at least a little feel for

them , if you're capable..Then judge them. You won't or can't .it don't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Despite being a nice bedroom community surrounded by Lakes and bike paths the Lee's Summit schools are amazingly mediocre.

It's too bad too because there isn't a decent Catholic school to send your kids to you just have to send them to Summit Christian or move.