Saturday, October 08, 2016

Kansas City Lynch Blogging

Our favorite local faith writer takes on a tragic aspect of American history with his latest book review and blog post. Take a look: Recounting the American sin of lynching: 10-8/9-16


Anonymous said...

How many people were actually lynched and how many people have been murdered by blacks? Lets see who is the villian with a libtard pass here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, keep dragging the past into the future.
The lynching perpetrators and victims are all dead.
Maybe we should focus on the "Live" victims, today.
We can actually do something about today.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

People should know the past of they're country. The good bad and ugly
But little effort seems to be made to highlight all those who tried to stop the evil. They are the heroes that deserve mention
Instead, it seems that today, people wish to point to the past evils as if to say,"see, look how bad it was back then." In order to deflect from the inability to solve problems of today

Super Dave said...

Silvestor hits it out of the park with that comment.

Anonymous said...

Tammeus ignores the fact that more Black Lives are eliminated every month by abortion than all the lynchings ever did.

And like an old white elitist, he remains silent in the face of the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

7:54 you're so right.

Learning from the past and course correcting benefits more than languishing in the past and crybabying. For example, we can advance in peace and prosperity when the good dad does far better by his wife and kids than his deadbeat dad ever did. But, we fall back when his sister miserably fails as a wife and parent, and endlessly blames their alcoholic mom for causing their dad to abandon them.

Healing the hurts in society and each of us has got to start somewhere--the sooner, the better.

Anonymous said...

Why can't fucking black just leave us the fuck alone. Jesus fucking Christ can they not understand we just don't need their ass in our lives?

Anonymous said...

Well said. They don't like us or our ways, but they want to live in our neighborhoods, go to our schools, shop in our stores, etc. If they really embrace their African heritage as much as they claim to, let them build huts east of Troost and go back to raising their own food, making their own clothes and piercing their lips. Just leave us alone in the process.

Anonymous said...

^^ both great on about not wanting anything to do with blacks.
the truth is this ,for me-if ANYONE ,BLACK OR WHITE ives me the slightest inclination that they dont want me around,that they dont like fucking gone.that person or group need not worry about letting me know twice.uhuh
see ya ,NEVER AGAIN,Fucko.. not a problem.

BUT ,as you guys both know,im sure.blacks just talk a lot of shit.OH They need AND want us around, alright..WTF would they do without us? hell i doubt they'd even hose the blood and brain matter off the street after they blow each tyhers heads off ,including their own kids.

they be begging for good ol HONKY LIPPS to come back and help em,feed em,house em,operate on em,fix their cars,make their roads,ispect all that chicken they eat ,fix the chicken fryer ,when it broke,try to find they baby's killer,stock the liquor store,make the all dont need me to tell you all this.YOU ALREADY KNOW.

UNFORTUNATLY ,NO ,they will never be serious when they talk all that shit.MAN..WOULDN'T LIFE BE GRAND!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just another saga that proves the point of "avoid the groid". Don't ever do business or otherwise associate with blacks. Stay as far away and as far removed as you possibly can. Your life will be longer and certainly more pleasant.