Thursday, October 13, 2016


A new denizen to the Kansas City blogosphere . . . Kansas City's former newspaper editorial honcho must now contend with longtime transit activist Clay Chastain who takes issue with his recent light rail ballot initiative blog post.

Take a look:

Yael on Chastain's trail

As you might expect Yael Abouhalkah (another non thinking non-technical Kansas City journalist who represents one of the least trusted professions in America) thinks he knows it all about Light Rail Ballot Question #3. Yael entreated readers on his new blog to vote against it. Of course, Yael's piece was also full of personal attacks against Clay Chastain. This just proves my point that Yael's brand of journalism only adds to the public's distrust of the media.

Yael thinks the city's $90 million a year bus system, that only a small fraction of taxpayers use and which does nothing to grow and prosper the city, is an award winning transit system that deserves to be left alone.

Yael thinks Kansas City does not need a rapid, environmentally-sound citywide light rail system to improve mobility and grow and prosper the city, even though Denver is booming around its 76-mile light rail system.

Yael thinks Kansas City should not repurpose the lesser of the two bus sales taxes to help Kansas City secure $1.0 billion from the feds to build light rail and create thousands of new jobs, even though Phoenix did exactly that.

Yael thinks the city's streetcar line for tourists is going to help a low-income person get to a job across town.

I know Yael. Yael is not a friend of mine. And Yael, you're no engineer.

Clay Chastain...Degreed electrical engineer (on the Dean's Honor Role and passed the professional engineering (EIT) exam, and leader of the people's Light Rail Question #3 ballot initiative.


Polar Bear said...

Speaking of that fucking train. Bet TKC is down at the million rider party at P&L right now, sucking up and telling everyone he predicted the Toy Train would be a huge success.

Fat Mexican bastard flips more than a short stack at IHOP.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Paul, please learn the difference between light rail and the streetcar. It's not the same thing. Even Clay can tell you that.

Don't worry. One of these days you can get your own blog and you'll learn stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

24 million tourists can't be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Go away Clay!

Anonymous said...

Now YAEL can get some good Light Rail TRANNY BITCHES Tail with a lot of FREE rides to the Plaza ¡the

Anonymous said...

one of the least trusted professions in America

He nailed that one correctly.

Anonymous said...

Yael thinks Clay is a bloviating self-centered idiot who is only interested in his personal agenda (showing hot chicks his transit sketches).

I gotta agree with Yael on this one, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

Someone should break it to both Yael and Clay that their music stopped quite some time ago and all the seats have been taken.
They're just standing around looking stupid wondering why no one is paying any attention to them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^True. Yael especially is playing to an empty theater, but I would agree our bus system is pretty good.

da' man said...

Thank goodness. Now, with Yael Abouhalkah's new blog, the adults in the city have somewhere other than the Star to turn for news, online.

They don't have to come here, out of desperation, and be exposed to the yellow journalism.


Anonymous said...

Is that why you're here tonight?

Anonymous said...

Streetcar had a million riders tonight.

Just tonight.

Only about 1200 a day otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Snail trail left by YAEL following the toy train Grail ! I nailed it ! I

Northlander said...

Yet he failed common sense .

Anonymous said...

to get to a milloin riders in 5 months would take approx.6,666 riders 24 hours a day 24 hours for 150 days. get real just a rough guess mind you

Anonymous said...

Clay, you have NO written agreement with the feds to fund $1 billion dollars of the project. What if the vote passes and the feds to give the city that money? Who's on the hook for that?

That's probably the biggest of reasons why this plan is so ridiculous. That and the fact that it's going to raise taxes. The city is already asking us to raise personal property taxes to fix the Mid-Continent Library system. Oh...and by the way, isn't that already supposed to be paid for with our current taxing mechanisms? Because the city has given up so much tax revenue to millionaire/billionaire developers, we are now going to be asked to make things harder for ourselves in the form of increased personal property taxes just to make up for the shortfall the city created in an effort to make things easier for the rich and elite. Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Voting that question down as fast as humanly possible

But back to Clay, the plan is ridiculous. It's not financially realistic because it's all pie-in-the-sky. I'm all for light rail. I've been to a couple of cities with it and it seems like a good transportation mechanism. But ONLY if it's financially responsible. Which Clay's plan is the exact polar opposite of financially responsible.

I really hope that plan gets voted down in flames and Clay slinks his ass back to Virginia forever.