Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kansas City Late Night Ruckus Thursday

Tonight the Kansas City GOLD STANDARD of political discourse was a bit more subdued as we slouch toward the election and a new round of pet projects takes hold in Kansas City.

Description . . .

Mike Shanin interviews Matt Condon, Vice Chair of Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce's Board, about a recent leadership exchange trip to Dallas. Then Lisa Johnston, Steve Rose, Terry Riley and Danedri Herbert discuss the final presidential debate, the Missouri Senate race between Roy Blunt and Jason Kander and the potential for changes in the Kansas legislature to create a "Better Kansas."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Tiny KC Trump said...

The airport is rigged.

No question.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Steve Rose's comments. He's the closest they come to real conservative in Leawood and he usually has a great sense about which way the political winds are turning when it comes to the big subjects.

The Kander race will be close, but I think the Democrats are counting votes they don't have. Not sure if both STL and KC will really come out for Hillary since most seemed far more excited about Bernie.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you this, all of the ratings for ruckus comes from TKC. Never would watch the show if it wasn't posted here.

Anonymous said...

More people of color for Mo Rage to Cuck on!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Subdued is being too nice.

Anonymous said...

That weekly food for thought fight over the news of the day and the trends of the time, with chaperone and quipster extraordinaire, Mike Shanin.

Just a quick note on Newsmaker Matt Condon of the Chamber of Commerce. While Mr. Condon loves using the worn-out phrase "think outside the box", his discussion of the Chamber's junket to Dallas highlighted one of the glaring problems among this "civic-minded" set. Namely, that when you fall into the trap of "keeping up with the Joneses", you've entered a rat race which you'll never win, and will ultimately leave you unsatisfied in life while rendering your finances to the ash heap.

Now, on to the panel:

Terry Riley (D) --- Danedri Herbert (R) --- Lisa Johnston (D) --- Steve Rose (R)

(Note: Before we go further, let me tell you that I'm exercising personal discretion and casting off the two male panelists. I was so impressed by these two ladies, that they deserve to stand in the Ruckus spotlight unencumbered by dead wood. Now, if the new KC Star management knows what's good for them, they'll be appointing both Herbert and Johnston to the Editorial Board.)

Johnston scored with her comment of the press and pundits dragging out their fainting couches! As I've previously stated several times, Lisa Johnston is an exemplary guest, demonstrating high intelligence, well-reasoned arguments and a cordial nature. Herbert, thankfully marking this second appearance which I've seen, followed up her last outstanding episode with even more impassioned zest. Amidst the cavalcade of Trump-bashing witnessed over the last 24 hours, how refreshing to hear Herbert explain why Trump clinched her vote during the debate. Like the sweet subtle smell in the air following a good rain. Johnston correctly reminds viewers that polls are oftentimes inaccurate and gives recent examples from Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Johnston gives a very good analysis of the Missouri U.S. Senate race, speaking without spin. Herbert states she's not an "insider" and confesses to be perplexed with half of Missouri's actions. This may not be a good year for those viewed as long-time incumbents.

Please fast-forward to the 19:40 mark and listen to Herbert's spot-on reasoning when it comes to the responsibility of public education funding in Kansas. Johnston calls out judicial cowardice while making her case for walking things back to the formula which worked in years past.

Shanin cracks the whip on the talkative pupils, and pulls out the soapbox for ROAST and TOAST.

Herbert ROASTS the national media, citing the Wikileaks disclosure that many from CNN, New York Times, CNBC, MSNBC, etc., have been colluding with the Clinton campaign, which is an embarrassment and shame upon the profession of journalism. Additionally, a CNN reporter spread false information on term limits, while Chris Cuomo lied to viewers, saying it was illegal to view the Wikileaks disclosures. Shameful media embarrassment!

Johnston ROASTS former Johnson County Election Commissioner Brian Newby who allegedly conducted an extramarital affair during work hours and used county resources to fund it. (should we anticipate a Clinton defense?)

Shanin ROASTS political correctness on college campuses, citing the University of Wisconsin--La Crosse's "hate response team" investigating a complaint over a dorm mural featuring the fictional Harry Potter character "Neville Longbottom." The offended student claimed Longbottom represented "man-power, able-power, and class-power, ect.[sic]" The spelling-challenged student was apparently not an English major, though many awarded him a "B.S." for the offering!

Anonymous said...

Matt Condon's full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Steve Rose = RINO

Anonymous said...

12:06/12:07 – nailed it! The ladies were outstanding. So nice to hear intelligent and passionate discourse. I hope we will see both Herbert and Johnston as panelists very regularly.

I continue to wish they would winnow down the larger crop to a smaller core of standouts that are at the high level of excellence Shanin deserves. What a treat it would be to have this level of thoughtful analysis every week.

Anonymous said...

Any Ruckus without Mary/Maury and Gwen (the hair hat)/Glenn is a good Ruckus.

Bob said...

12:07, thanks for the posts. Balanced and informative.

Anonymous said...