Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Kansas City Jess & Jodie Link Cleanup

Jess Davies and Jodie Gasson inspire this double shot of Kansas City news link cleanup with their hottie cleanliness and this ensuing news compilation. Checkit:

MSM Picking Up KCMO Slap Fight
Jewish man arrested at Kansas City library speech after asking "provocative" questions
More Local Sacrilege
IBCC is latest Northeast church targeted by burglar
Golden Ghetto Cash For Democracy
Johnson County Election Office wants you (and 299 others) to be presidential election workers
Show-Me More Tax Talk
Tax returns could halt talks for Missouri governor debates
Rock Chalk Leadership
Watch Kansas coach Bill Self's pitch to be president of the United States
Talking Local Youngsters Down
Group works to raise awareness to prevent KC area teen suicides
Horrible People Of NASCAR Coming Soon
Hollywood Casino 400 pace car rolls through Kansas City ahead of Kansas Speedway's big race weekend
And this is ANOTHER OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


The Truth of the Matter said...

Today is Mark Funkhouser's Birthday.

I bet he gets more birthday wishes than Byron does, probably\y a cake and has a good time all day long.

Byron Funkhouser said...

My family of choice supports me completely. My birthdays are always joyous occasions.

Mark has only ever been my biological brother - simply one of the monsters I had to grow up with.

Imagine a mother (an RN, & mother of a daughter) letting her 18 year old convince her that her 13 is gay, because "he doesn't brag about the girls he has sex with". I wore very thick glasses that were routinely referred to by wearers as "BC's". My sister didn't brag about the boys she had sex with, but she wasn't accused of being gay.

Imagine a mother letting her 22 year old convince her that her 17 year old was "too immature to go to college." She told me to get a job & help support the family. I told her I was too immature to do that. Why was I considered "too immature to go to college"? Because I had a friend who was two years younger than me, & I wasn't a bully.

I will not wish him a happy birthday!

I have no desire to ever see this creature again.

Anonymous said...

Byron, I am going to set you up a GOFUNDME acount. I wanna do it,
IF its ok with you??

Byron Funkhouser said...

If you're serious, then you have my blessing to try. I know nothing about such things.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought, Byron trolls the hell out of this place. By the way, Mark is here in town and he told me you had every chance he did, but on your own choosing, choose the path you took and have nobody but yourself to blame for your short comings.

Personally, I think you're one sick, wacked out puppy.

Anonymous said...

Do they have GO FUCK YOURSELF Accounts?

Anonymous said...

I guess Byron is still too immature for a job.

Byron Funkhouser said...

5:51, you're clearly "one sick, wacked (sic) out puppy." Why is your first comment not trolling? None of this is any of your fucking business.

I don't believe a word you wrote. Mark wouldn't say anything that stupid & blatantly untrue. I did NOT have every chance that he did, he made sure of that.

I don't believe that you even know Mark, or that he's in 'town'. Why does he have to be in 'town' for you to talk to him? This is the 21st century. I'm not in 'town' & you probably aren't either. You're probably a keyboard warrior from Johnson County, Kansas. We'll never know since you're afraid to use your real name.

My commenting on this'free speech zone' is not trolling, unless everyone else's comments are trolling (It's a nice non-word.)

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^Mark was in Kansas City seeing people you idiot.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't believe you, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

That Library thing is a real problem. If the Police are allowed to step on First Amendment rights, we have a real problem. The Library need to print a policy that is enforced to keep the "OFF DUTY" officers in check.