Monday, October 03, 2016

Kansas City Honors Hater J.C. Nichols

Nice clip offering tribute to one of the architects of segregation and real estate schemes throughout the great Kansas City metro area.

Here's a glimpse at how the middle-class doesn't know their history and doesn't really give much credence that restrictive land covenants pioneered at this dude which targeted Jewish people and minorities. Take a look:


"The Nichols Prize is special for a number of reasons. We at the ULI Kansas City District Council wanted to produce a video as a tribute to the legacy of JC Nichols; not just to the many Nichols real estate contributions that permeate our city, but also to showcase how the actions of one man – and many years later, how the continued actions of his descendants – have helped shape how the world thinks about real estate development, and continues to inspire future generations to do the same."

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Anonymous said...

Red line that real estate!

Anonymous said...

Its nice Kansas City can honor someone so blatantly racist. Kansas City is always willing look past someone's short comings for the sake of promotion. I wonder if they will honor David Duke in the same fashion?

Anonymous said...

J.C. Nichols hated blacks and Jews, and did everything possible to keep them out of his profitable new neighborhoods. He more than anyone else is responsible for the unending racism that has turned Kansas City, Mo., into the dangerous hellhole that it is today. What a fucking hero.

Anonymous said...

Nichols' influence spread far beyond Kansas City. He mentored others in the redlining techniques that have ultimately destroyed so much of this city.

Anonymous said...

The Donald Trump of Kansas City real Estate, but yet most of these libtatds are pushing for Hillary Clinton. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

So, how many "fairy tales" and "super-predators" are living on Hilly's Chappaqua block? Oh, silly me, the hot sauce she keeps in her purse proves she's not racist. Plus, the peppy pepper potions makes sure she "ain't no wayz tahrd".

Anonymous said...

Anyone witnessing what the blacks are doing to the Plaza sure as hell can't criticize Nichols logic.

Anonymous said...

The man fought the good fight his entire life.
He knew what woul happen to his masterpiece,f he did not fight for it.
He was not a racist.He was a Realist,like most of us really are.We are realist's ,not racist's.

quick analogy- Raytown Mo.certainly not Nicols quality BUT a nice place to raise a family, until about 1990.

Now I know for a fact the city of Raytown worked their tails off to keep it that way. I can remember ,clearly, if the PD had someone pulled over ,they were almost always black.

Were they racial profiling? you bet they were. they did what the citizens ,the mayor ,city council ,and Raytown businesse's asked them to do and it worked great for a very long time. im telling you it was a nice quiet ,safe place to live.

Well ,they started investigating Raytown PD for a brand new term, "Racial Profiling" and that was the begining of the end. Jiggs started moving in by the truck load.Newly contructed aprt buildings srung up, section 8 voucher's welcomed..

pd's hand's were tied.afraid of losing their job's or going to prison ,they were hog-tied in trying to stop the crime that followed, and there was plenty of it.They totally managed to change a quiet bedroom community into a crime-ridden shithole, witin a matter of a few short years.

white's ,for the most part moved out,let them have it,and why not ,we could do nothing about it,if the PD wasn't willing to stand behind us.

WRAPPING IT UP- Raytown was and is an island ,surrounded by KC ,mostly & INDY,partly. They put up one hell of a fight ,for many year's to keep that safe little island ,safe and the school's nice..They did a remarable job, until the government started its campaign against something nice.NO NO ,WE CANT BE HAVING THAT KIND OF THING !! they and negro people said..

They meant it too..Raytown is now a dump full of DEPLORABLE'S , that Raytown foughtfor so many year's to keep out.They knew what would happen, if they let up for a second.

when the Jiggs and the US Government decided we had to good of a thing going, (safety,good schools) They made sure they would put an end to that kinda shit,and they did ..look at Raytown now,if you dare!

Anonymous said...

Independence is next, then Blue Spring, then Lees Summit. Guess who will be footing the bills after the mess is made?

Anonymous said...

Me and You and every other shmoe who lives in jackson county.