Monday, October 03, 2016

Kansas City Homicide #91: Deadly Gunfire At South Kansas City Apartment Complex

Here's the latest local gunfire report that continues to send the Kansas City homicide count trending upward . . .

Fox4KC: Police investigate homicide near 93rd & Bales in KCMO


Investigators responded to a report of gunshots at an apartment complex at 93rd Street and Bales Avenue. One victim was transported to an area hospital, where he died of his injuries.

 The injured man was found in the parking lot and police are asking anyone with info to call the TIPS Hotline.

This latest killing compares to 76 homicides at this time last year and a reported 7-year-highpoint for Kansas City murders at this point on the calendar.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I knew it..That complex has been renting to WAY to many Pacific Islanders!!

Im glad i was able to move me and my chirldrens out before it got too bad with those creepy ass people!!

Anonymous said...

No tweets from Chief Twitter ?

Anonymous said...

It was the Monk Brothers. The guy owed them money and couldn't pay.

Anonymous said...

Killa City Home to Crime.

Anonymous said...

TKC, I wonder how many police calls there are at this place? It's becoming worse and worse every week. Nothing but a ghetto south

Anonymous said...

25 to go tick tock tick tock ``116 ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Aim fo' Piece has got this.

Anonymous said...


KCMO will hit 100,,, HOMICIDES , MURDERs before the end of 2016

under COMMUNIST MAYOR SLY JAMES and COMMUNIST Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and Police Chief Darrell Forte

For its they themselves that are responsible, because of their soft on Crime mentality and attitude and LIBERAL AGENDA of "Criminal Coddling" as has been previous reported thru the years !!!!! FACT !

Just look at how that Degenerate scumbag CHICAGO MAYOR runs his pathetic city


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Anonymous said...

Build a police station. That will solve everything.