Monday, October 31, 2016

Kansas City Halloween News Graveyard!!!

This evening hottie and EPIC ring girl Arianny Celeste inspires a late night collection of Kansas City local news as just a bit of a treat to our most dedicated readers. Here's a taste . . .

Beware Of Kansas City Ghouls Tonight!!!
Pedestrian critically hurt in hit-and-run crash
Urban Core Abandons Voting
3 Factors In Wyandotte County's Voter Registration Drop
Local Attack Lamentation Aftermath
KCK mom of young man suspected in attacks against church leaders says she's heartsick over allegations
Show-Me Disaster Tenure Retrospective
Politically Speaking: Gov. Nixon goes into detail about his eight years as Missouri's governor
Cowtown Democracy Dry Run
Voting machines tested in Kansas City in advance of Election Day
And this is our OPEN THREAD for tonight . . . Along with another Kansas City Halloween Playlist this evening . . .

Hopefully, more good stuff for the morning update for everybody who makes it back alive . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...


Forgot to link the playlist!!!

Anonymous said...

Halloween parties tonight? Everybody can already hear the sirens in Westport!

Anonymous said...

Anyone see any spooks in KC tonight? I mean, ya ain't blind, right?

Anonymous said...

So Ladarious has attacked his own mother before? At least twice? Now he attacks a priest, and gets in a standoff with police. Can he even learn what it means to be a functioning member of society at 19 years old? What can be done with him?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^Death by hanging comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

What can be done with him? Hell, every Democrat in America knows well he is a victim poisoned by whitey. We need to take your money and give it to him so he can meld into the fine upstanding Gentle Giant he is destined to become.

It isn't his fault. Just living in a world with white people causes poor boons to be thugs and disadvantaged criminals. All the proper upbringing on earth will not save him least that is the prevailing theory ...but then few in the African't community has actually tested it. They have been denied the basic concepts of good citizenship because of whitey and without more section 8 housing, free medical care (free for him - not for you), food stamps, clothing and welfare he will never learn to hate the white machine that forces people to work, contribute and produce to make it in this world. Clearly you RAYSHITZ rednecks can see he is a victim.

Anonymous said...

But really, what can we do with him and others like him? With demonstrated inability to function in society? Ship all the prisoners off to Alaska, "Escape from New York" style? If he gets convicted, he'll be back on the streets in 5 years, with a worse attitude and no new social skills. Is there an answer?

Anonymous said...

i don't know the answer of what to do with these types.I know they are worless to society,and too dangerous to be free among us.

I sure hate the idea of fouling up such a state as Alaska,with rotten ,no-good for nothing filth as this ,and so many other's...It is such a beautiful state.The natural beauy,and wildness is just breath taking.

I propose something that some say will be radical,here it is; IF by the age of 25 you have not stopped commiting violent crimes,and you've been through the system and are still unable to act like a normal human being ,(meaning you will not stop hurting innocent people,in this case),

You have forfieted your right to continue to live..NOW-This is by the time you are older than 25,and have a pattern of hurting/victimizing people.

By then ,if you havn't caught on to just how wrong it is,I don't believe you ever will..Therefore, you will be sentenced to DEATH by firing squad..

That's the only thing i have,,it would save countless lives,and so much money. Anyway,that's my idea and i think it's all we can do with these types.