Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kansas City Faith Blogging Against Alleged Trump Supporter Antisemitism

Kansas City faith writer Bill Tammeus notes: "It appears that this presidential election has unleashed a powerful strain of antisemitic poison that is ugly, growing and disgusting."

Take a look: A wave of antisemitic trash injures everyone: 10-22/23-16


Anonymous said...

good thing we have (((THE MEDIA))) to look out for us and let us know that people are saying mean things to them and they totally think that those people love Trump.

It's probably just another coincidence that we are two weeks from the election. Pure coincidence.

chuck said...

Obama's anti-Israel hatred and antipathy towards BiBi Netanyahu is documented and on the books. The pretense that one Jewsih race Hoax is indicative of a general groundswell of anti-Semitism from a guy who is running for President with support from his Jewish son in law and almost 38% of the Jewish vote, is, as usual, Liberal spin and demonization of the right by a predictable shill from the left.

The hatred and violence, seen in this election, on film, instigated by operatives from the Democrat Party in league with George Soros and his elitist band of Progressive criminals, is at Trump Rallies where people are spit on, intimidated, assaulted and denied their rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech by Fascist in the press, Fascists in the Government and Fascists like Bill Tamurus who twist the truth, hide the violence, lie to the electorate and encourage that same violence, division and suspension of Constitutional freedoms that used to be guaranteed to every American.

Bill's implication that "Hate Speech" should be controlled is a chilling preview of what the left intends to enforce, by way of the thugs in the streets right into our homes with permission from the emperor in the White House in Rome On The Potomac.

Bill is another Commissar in the new American Cultural Revolution. A beta male traitor no better than the thugs in the streets like BLM who now enforce the coming entropy and dysfunction from an ever increasing statist government.

Here is some real hate speech Bill.

Fuck you. Fuck your lies, fuck your cause and fuck your corrupt Fascist politically correct ideology.

America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

I hear JLM is coming to a Plaza near you.

MDLQ said...

Some body said a woman turned into a pillar of salt for looking at something....should I believe this?
Does Bill?

Anonymous said...

local newspaper retread keeping busy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck these religious nuts. 400 protestant religions and they all swear they are doing it just like God wants. Since when is God so Schizophrenic that he needs 400 different religions telling people what they should so to be righteous? What a crock of shit.

Anonymous said...

"The extent of this plague is now codified, thanks to a report released today by the Anti-Defamation League’s Task Force on Harassment and Journalism.
"The report proves beyond doubt that anti-Semitism against journalists on social media has increased dramatically during this election campaign and that Jews are by far the main targets. While the report takes pains to say that this surge is not caused directly by the Donald Trump campaign, it is driven in large measure by those who identify with his candidacy."
Mr. Tammeus, please hold onto your AIDS ribbon and climb out of Hillary's ass, so you can hear this clearly.

Do you understand that the Anti-Defamation League is in the business of constantly portraying those of the Jewish faith as victims? Just as the NAACP will forever portray black Americans as perpetual victims of slavery, requiring reparations, entitlements, quotas, etc. And it's no coincidence that both groups will devote some 90 percent of their votes in November to Hillary Clinton.

"This report proves..." NOTHING!! In fact, my recently prepared report disproves everything they were claiming. My report proves "beyond doubt" that most of those provoking violence at political rallies and online discussions are individuals linked to the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. Further, my report proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you, Bill Tammeus, are a transgendered homosexual semi-literate atheist with sub-standard IQ.

You may now reinsert yourself back into Hillary's ass.