Monday, October 24, 2016


Reported with images and eyewitness testimony on TKC FIRST . . . Here's a mainstream media testimony focusing on the fear of hipsters who witnessed a deadly shooting in Westport this weekend.


Fox4: Sounds of gunfire and screams fill Sun Fresh parking lot during Westport shooting


Witnesses began to frantically gather around the victim, screaming for help.

“They were hysterical. It was obviously a bad situation from what I could hear.”

A witness: called 911 and told them what he saw. Within minutes, the parking lot was an active crime scene.

“Little tense, a lot of red and blue lights flashing around. The police presence down here after it happened was very large.”

The victim was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No arrests have been made. Westport witnesses are hoping for justice.

And so a question to start the day . . .


Remember, not so long ago denizens were claiming a so-called "Renaissance" for the area given so many new high-class joints setting up shop for so many people who don't like the P&L District.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Westport has been done for quite some time. This place had a good run but people should think about finding some place else to party.

It's simply too dangerous for women and men.

Anonymous said...

Westport is fun if you don't play with guns in parking lots.

Be a grown up and you'll have a good time.

Anonymous said...

P&L > Westport

Anonymous said...

Westport Security shows once again how much they suck

Anonymous said...

Aren't amateur Yoga classes and Artisan Cupcakes supposed to stop all the killings?

Anonymous said...

Kansas City's cred as one of the countries safest and most affordable best kept secrets ended twenty years ago.

Anonymous said...

P&L ? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Westport? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Plaza? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Ward Parkway? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Brookside? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Waldo? Done. Stick a fork in it. Totally unsafe.
Zona Rosa? Not done just yet, but still totally unsafe at night.
Legends? Not done just yet, but still totally unsafe at night.

Eastern Jackson County? Done. Totally unsafe and suicidal.
Grandview/Hickman Mills? Done. You're insane to be there.
Belton? Done, very very soon.
Wyandotte County? Done. Totally unsafe.
Huge portions of Johnson County? Done. Totally unsafe.

Bannister Mall. Killed dead and gone.
Indian Springs Mall. Killed dead and gone.

You're SILL SAFE in your own living room, provided you're heavily armed and pre-warned with ground sensors and security cameras all over your house.

What is THE MOST COMMON thread here? I KNOW what it is. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Either negroes, or envelopes of Show-Me Institute cash.

Love that Show-Me cash!

Keep deleting, Tony, it's not like everybody doesn't know already anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of nogs ruining everything. The negroes know that all the other races and ethnic groups in the world avoid them like the plague.

I once joked around with a Mexican and said, "I heard that the US government just agreed to accept 10 million Mexicans into the USA."

His eyes lit up.

"Yeah," I said. "As part of an exchange program. And in return we are sending 10 million 'morenos' (Mexican word for blacks) into Mexico."

He then knew that I was joking around but said that it would be a very bad idea and would "ruin" Mexico.

True story.

Nobody wants them. They gots the cooties

KC Truther said...

If you ask me, it is the hipster whites that are really ruining Westport. $15 for tacos? FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hipster? Call them what they really are.


(Especially the bearded ones that can't change a tire)

Anonymous said...

Add KC to this list.

Anonymous said...

Just how much is BLM worth to Forte and his cronies? Sooner or later the mess is going to have to be cleaned up - That is if there are any standards left in KC. I guess January 1st we will see if there are enough citizens with balls to take it back.

Anonymous said...

What you mean by standard's, you mean beer and alcoholism don't you?

Anonymous said...

Better question would be does the city want Westport to be toast? After all their investment is downtown.

Anonymous said...

I think the real question remains: how many Nigs would you nig if you could nig Nigs?

Anonymous said...

I know one thing. The violence is misplaced. Dear black people, black people are not your enemy. There are bigger fish to fry. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Westport is over. Death squads do that.

Anonymous said...

We're sure you hold romantic ideas about mass murder but you don't know about death squads do you?

Anonymous said...

White people who want to have a great chance to live , avoid the Plaza and Westport and all of the Groids invasion of Killa City !

Anonymous said...

11:46 I can not tell if that was a question or if you are trying to put words in my mouth. Maybe you should express your own thoughts and not try to twist others.

Anonymous said...

Westport was done in the 80's

Went downhill with the fag ownership.

Anonymous said...

A 1:30 a.m., closing time would defiantly cut down on some of the problems occurring in Westport. Most of the problem children show up as the bars are closing and hang out or cruise around the area.

Anonymous said...

Westport would be better with a 1:30 closing but all the greedy bar owners are to stupid to realize that.

Unknown said...

Your ignorant. Its the type of person not being black that's constituts lack of values. So other races if low class drug addict criminals ruin a neighborhood so bye with that