Friday, October 14, 2016

Kansas City Early Friday News Links

Brit hottie Joey Fisher begins our Kansas City link collection on this early Friday as we start easy these top stories from the local media. Take a look:

Raytown Early Morning Rage
Shooting and chase ends with two people in custody, one person in the hospital
Kansas City Burnt Ends Consideration
Chapter 4: The Quest for the Best
Political Tension At The Office
Employers deal with increase in political tension among workers
Tragic Wreck In The Stix
Two Excelsior Springs men die in crash where vehicle landed in pond
Kansas City Pumpkin Traffic Problems
Charity run intended to be fun takes a nightmarish traffic turn
The Scary Weekend Seyz McTavish
7 Exposing Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
Kansas City Eternal Tribute
Fallen firefighters honored with special dedication ceremony where permanent memorial will be unveiled
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

call the pope and get these guys cannozied and made saints. name independence ave. leggo-mesh blvd. get busts made for missouri hall of famous people at the state captal put thier picture in the white in washington. and what ever else the powers that be can think of.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget baseball cards.

Anonymous said...

may be they can get the post office put their picture on a stamp