Friday, October 07, 2016

Kansas City Documentary Crackdown???

Citizen media noticed this trend in the local media that impacts those without a good wi-fi connection . . . Here's an observation about a current online and small theater movie indictment of the prison industrial complex. Checkit: "8 Showings of the movie 13th in Wichita but 0 in Kansas City."

Watch 13TH Online | Netflix


Anonymous said...



Get your "White Guilt" suit and tie on before heading out to work in your cubicle where you slave all day, to pay for low life thugs sitting on their asses when they are not killing you.


Shut the fukkkkk up.

Anonymous said...

YA' how about a movie showing all these NOT so innocent Criminals who were involved in Drive by shootings acting like the very TERRORISTS they are - how bout a movie like that ?????

Doesn't fit the bullshit Communist Narrative, and Bullshit agenda huh ??

How about a movie where the parents of all those dead kids talk about what it was like to lose their child to those Criminal Drugged up Terrorist Wanna be Stupid Low Life Gangsta' Bastards !!

NOPE doesn't fit their Bullshit Communist Liberal Agenda & Narrative !!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^This is the reason that Black Lives Matter matters.^^

Anonymous said...

^^This is the reason for Mental Health Facilities^^

We must always continue funding mental health/illness research.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all this whiny ass RASHITZ BLM shit. We need some good KC porn.