Friday, October 07, 2016

Kansas City Crime Commission Clip Stands Up For Police Safety Amid Bloody 2016

High profile domestic terrorist attacks on police put the nation on edge over the Summer and closer to home two law enforcement officials were killed in KCK within days of one another.

Accordingly, this Kansas City metro clip offers a bit of promo reassurance and brand positioning for the police.

Take a look:

Tag line . . .

"The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission proudly support the law enforcement officers who keep our communities secure.

"Because we all need to feel safe, even from behind the badge."

It's a nice marketing effort that makes an important point about the people who put on the uniform amid an increasingly divisive culture war that's only gonna get worse as the election approaches.

Developing . . .


chuck said...

Killing cops is oh so comme il faut in the new Amerika.

The two dead cops from this week's tally, as do the other blue lives wasted, are a categorical, direct line reference from inside the beltway, where the Tyrant, who lives in the White House, in Rome on the Potomac, has, with the DOJ, given de facto permission for OBAMA/Brown/Shirt/FASCIST/THUGS to kill cops, resist arrest, engage in non compliance and destroy the Rule Of Law.

The Coup D' Etat took place while America slept through the Necrotic Progressive Movement that grew out of racist, irredentist and Communist ideology inflicted on us by elites in Washington, Hollywood and boardrooms in the 4th estate all over America.

America hates you white boy.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck is a whack job.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun is a whack off.