Sunday, October 02, 2016


A reality check for all the Kansas City fanboys of Fall . . . And it wasn't even really that close.

Collection of quick links . . .

Arrowhead Pride: Where does this one rank among worst losses?

ESPN: Nothing adding up for Chiefs on offense, particularly points

CBS - Chiefs' Knile Davis: Exits for concussion evaluation

El Universal: "Big Ben" masacra a los Chiefs

U.S. News & World Report: Roethlisberger has 5 TD passes, Steelers thump Chiefs 43-14

And now the Chiefs look forward to a bye week wherein the hometown crowd will be encouraged to forget this tragic reality check and keep buying, eating and supporting the taxpayer subsidized celebration of concussions and distractions.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

8-8 if they are lucky.


Anonymous said...

Damn, wonder if that readhead is still in town?
What a stunner!

All the cuck boys gonna run out and get they Tyreek Hill jerseys now?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the chiefs fuck the nfl fuck the nba fuck muslums fuck the jiggs fuck liberals fuck illegal aliens fuck BO fuck sly fuck peters baker fuck msm fuck mo rage fuck mizzou fuck ku fuck the star fuck mark alford fuck allah fuck trump fuck crooked cops fuck mcdonalds fuck bet fuck fat ugly jigg lovers fuck college basketball fuck college football fuck hollywood fuck paul wilson fuck alonzo fuck yael fuck doogood fuck tv fuck kardashians fuck oj fuck blm fuck comic books fuck zobies fuck vampires fuck byron fuck stupid dave fuck the koran fuck the koreans fuck venezualia fuck alex gordan fuck john wayne fuck mayweather fuck pastor brooks fuck tony weiner fuck al sharpton fuck jesse fuck that maddow dude fuck lawrence odonell fuck rosey odonell fuck juan williams fuck venus williams fuck jamie fox fuck brad pit fuck the housewives fuck lestor holt fuck soccor fuck blogs(except tkc) fuck kck fuck shawnee fuck kcmo fuck calwell county fuck rap fuck bro country fuck scott parks fuck dana wright fuckjiggs fuck dune coons fuck israel fuck george stepinlopapuss fuck cancer fuck arthrytis fuck diabedes fuck texting fuck fatt asses fuck dick morris fuck dick cheney fuck russia fuck syria fuck jose canceco fuck lebron fuck kyler yust fuck brandon howell fuck prison fuck you

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^That's a lot of fucking

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they spent more time on football and less time dishonoring veterans and helping BLM with their war on LEOs they might be less of an embarrassment to the city and themselves. Maybe Hunt should hire some football players to replace the social activists he now pays.

Anonymous said...


Yep. Fuck the NFL

Anonymous said...

Well said 6:14

Anonymous said...

I thought Tony went to a J school?

AP Style book always had the high score first then the low score second. The headline should read, "KANSAS CITY CHIEFS SHAMEFULLY BLOWN OUT 43-14 BY PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!"