Wednesday, October 05, 2016


An EPIC column from one of the most underrated sports writers in Kansas City . . . Here's a point-by-point critical analysis of the Chiefs that isn't afraid to call out QB Alex Smith and offers keen insight while most other sports writers are busy crafting one-liners or reporting on the stupid Fake Gronk dating show. Checkit: Chiefs aren't who we thought they were


Anonymous said...

They are and will be a mediocre team until they have a culture of accountability where average players are replaceable.

The Chiefs are decades away from a SB. This latest Reid/Dorsey combo won't help.

The best thing Chiefs fans can do is uncouple themselves from the team. Once Royals fans got fed up, they magically found the money to start keeping prospects.

Why waste your sunday with $40 parking on top of 125 dollar tickets?

Or at the very least don't you deserve to spend 4 hours not watching bad football?

Anonymous said...

All you CUCK BOYS got your Tyreek Hill jerseys yet to show off to the boys at the office?

Anonymous said...

Tony must be on cloud 9 today. The Chiefs look, "Meh." While his beloved Raiders look to be playoff contenders for the first time in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs will win if they can find a decent QB. Alex smith is not the man.