Monday, October 03, 2016

Kansas City Celebrates LGBT History Month

The October 20 installation of the historic marker in the northeast corner of Barney Allis Plaza will be the highlight of this month of recognition . . . Meanwhile, from the LGBT local paper of record, this is a pretty important and historic story about events happening in Kansas City this October during National LGBT History Month: A Marker For Kansas City's Place in LGBT History


Anonymous said...

AKA: The history of turd pounding. My, My, we need a museum about queers. 18th & Vine sounds like a good place.

Anonymous said...

^^^^.....And now ladies and gentlemen,if you'll follow me .The museum has a special exhibit...On loan from The Miami Museum Of Homosexual History....

Take a look at THE Most Gorgeous , AND The Biggest Prolapsed Anus,

know of in the US...yES,yes..tHE Miani man who is the proud owner of this

anus ,passed on many years ago. He was nice enough to donate it to The Miami

museum...Everybody will get a looksie!!