Friday, October 14, 2016

Kansas City Bloggers Against Trump

One of the most direct and unflinching Kansas City blogger posts against Trump for President. Here's the thesis: "Trump is a test of our character and our resolve and we will pass this test. We are better than the horrible America he sees."

And this kinda reminds me that I haven't seen very little support for the guy other than anonymous comments and a few back handed social media posts that are more adamant about Hillary Clinton opposition. Take a look:

Read the whole thing: Tell Trump - We Are Better Than This


Lou said...

Trump is the only choice !
we have to save our country
from career politicians !!!!

Deplorable Joe said...

How does voting for Crooked Hillary show that "we are better than this"? The status quo and the establishment politicians got us into this mess.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Vote third party. Show the two parties they must earn our votes with credible candidates.

chuck said...

Obama loved saying "That's not who we are!!"

Every time he said it, I thought, fuck you, that is exactly who I am.

The Clintons, scofflaws, criminals and the greatest liars since Richard Nixon, are not only unfit for office, they should be in prison.

11 years ago, Trump said some nasty things. 11 Years before that, Ted Kennedy ran for President after he drowned a woman.

Anderson Cooper said many times, that the Tea Party had a hard time expressing themselves because they were "Tea Bagging". Something Anderson is an expert at. Barney Frank and Robert Menendez used the term on Americans who opposed Obama Care and thought it was hilarious.

A few years ago, Sen. Al Franken joked on a Comedy Central roast about producer Rob Reiner butt-fucking his children. Does Lynn think he’s fit to be a U.S. senator? Is he fit enough for the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, but not the Senate Finance Committee?

Progressives and their press pack dogs have ran interference for an actual sexual predator in the White House, ignoring Bill Clinton’s serial pants-dropping, groping and raping for nearly a decade, while gleefully vilifying his accusers, and will be happy to continue when Hillary become president. Clinton talking about pussy was one of his more dignified moments. He actually raped girls.

In the pages of The New York Times, feminist icon Gloria Steinem announced the “one-free grope” rule, specially developed for the Clinton era.

Former Time magazine correspondent Nina Burleigh said of Clinton, “I would be happy to give him a bl*w job just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

Time magazine’s Margaret Carlson said Linda Tripp had “lost membership in the family of man” for secretly tape-recording Monica Lewinsky. Tripp kept the recordings not for something so exalted as stopping Trump, but to protect herself from a charge of perjury.

Trump's comments were words, not actual rape.

Anonymous said...

Lynne with her hate proves that she condones men who rape women.

Now to me that's some sick shit coming from a so called officer of the court.

Lawyers like Lynne Bratcher make me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

She is a card carrying Socialist whack job.

Anonymous said...

Tell Trump they are hypocrites. They do and say the same fucking things, but the pompous asses think they are not accountable to anyone. Who they trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

a 3rd party vote
IS a vote for
highlarry roadham

Anonymous said...

Lynn is a skunt

Anonymous said...

Chuck's thesis: My rapist is better than your rapist.

Anonymous said...


While admitting that she's obsessed with the Trump candidacy...."I cannot tear myself away from the horrible Trump"....she can't bear to expend a few calories of brainpower to understand why at least half of Americans view him as a positive alternative to the Clinton Crime Family.

Ms. Bratcher apparently is the type of simple-minded dupe, who still believes what the corporate media indoctrinate her with, over the airwaves, cables and newsprint which they control, along with the government. Never mind the Wikileaks disclosures detailing how print and broadcast media have conspired with the Clinton campaign to destroy Sanders, and now slime Trump. Never mind Clinton getting caught red-handed using staged actors as "random citizen questioners" at her rallies and press events. Never mind Clinton being provided town-hall meeting questions in-advance, while debate moderators join her in a tag-team against Trump.

Bratcher writes, "..and his total lack of respect for large segments of the population, if not all of humanity..." But, what of Clinton's comments regarding Americans?
She said that half of Trump's supporters (that would be approximately 1/4 of all Americans) are a "basket of deplorables." And what about the youth-dominated support for Bernie Sanders? Clinton called them a "bucket of losers" and "self-righteous whiners." And what about the Latino political leadership? She slammed them as "needy Latinos", always asking for handouts. And what about Catholics? Clinton mocked their faith! And what about Southerners? Well, she considers them to be ignorant hillbillies. And what about Black Americans? Hillary called them "super-predators."
So once again, Lynne Bratcher is TOTALLY BLIND to the real Hillary Clinton while intently focused upon her Trump obsession.

If Lynne Bratcher were a judge presiding at a trial in which a man was falsely accused of assaulting a woman, she'd sleep throughout the proceedings, be awakened at the conclusion of final arguments, and pronounce the man guilty.....because all men are guilty in her warped reality.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the blogger doesn't like other opinions. She deleted all but Mo Rage and Byron's comments. That proves the blogger is a coward. Oh and Bill Clinton is still a rapist.

Anonymous said...


Rape enabler,
Victims blamer,
Butcher of Benghazi,
Subpoenaed evidence (emails) destroyer,
Sniper-fire liar,
Super-predator/deplorables/irredeemable labeler,
Security detail/police trasher,
Race panderer (HER said we're all implicitly biased)
and much more!

Whew...lawdy, dat long list gots me "tahred". Ah bettuh gits sum dat "hot sauce" from dat purse.

Byron Funkhouser said...

12:06, she's signs her work, & you're anonymous. That makes you the coward.

Bill Clinton isn't running for President, but Donald Trump is.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's thesis: rape is ok as long as it's my hubby. ;)

Anonymous said...

Inadequate sidestep. Trump is pilloried for saying bad things, Hillary's husband gets a free pass on actual rape. I know you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even you should be able to get the point of media/democrat hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Funkenshyster doesn't know what a cowards is. I tend to think a bullshit con artist claiming to be in Virginia and posting on a KC blog is a coward. What do you think Tony?

Anonymous said...

I noticed this a lot when it comes to the poor in this country and I always wondered if it's like that around the wold.

When guys who are poor, uneducated or not very successful at life get in augments with people the first thing they do is question their intelligence. I hear school teachers who work in districts in the hood get this all the time. Same thing goes with small business owners who have businesses in the inner city.

Someone who doesn't like what your saying even if it's the truth will call you an idiot no matter how much they failed at life.

Take Byron for instance. Byron hasn't had a job since my guess 1989. Living of welfare and other government assistance. Can't afford to own a home. Has a POS car if he has one at all. Lives in a one bedroom, one bath shack and couldn't rub two nickels together even if you gave him one. Yet, he comes on here on a regular basis questioning everyone else's intelligence because we tell the truth about people or subjects he thinks are "protected."

A guy who failed in the game of life in questioning the intelligence of others who have succeeded. Part of me thinks that's why he hates his brother. While Byron is largely what people would call a loser, his brother at least did something with his life. Became mayor, moved out of West Virginia, is able to buy a home. Has kids in college, ect.

Guys like Byron should do the world a favor and find a tree and a rope and you know the rest.

But hey I'm the idiot because I think Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary enabled him by destroying his victims acting like Lady McBeth.

Anonymous said...

12:06 comment said
"It looks like the blogger doesn't like other opinions. She deleted all but Mo Rage and Byron's comments. That proves the blogger is a coward. Oh and Bill Clinton is still a rapist."

He/she is correct, I checked, and Lynne Bratcher deleted a bunch of comments.

Sorry TKC, but when this woman says she respects you, your blog, and your stand on free speech, her actions now stand opposed to her words. That's rather pitiful.

We'll see if Yael is next to follow suit.

Lynne Bratcher said...

I respect Tony's view on Commenters' right to free speech. However, on my blog I don't have to do that. I am not going to tolerate ignorant, obscene or vicious comments. It's my blog, and I can do what I want. If you don't like it, you anonymous cowardly trolls, write your own blogs. Oh wait, then you might have to be courageous enough to sign your own names. And, Chuck, I know you sign your own name. I just think you are mean, heartless and bigoted. My blog is a "no cowardly bigot zone."

Anonymous said...

"a 3rd party vote
IS a vote for
highlarry roadham

Nope. A third party vote is a vote for a third party.

(Though you should know the NY Times says a third party vote is a vote for the Donald.)

Anonymous said...

Lynne = coward!!!!!

Oh and Bill Clinton is still a fucking rapist.

Welcome to the internet bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lynne Bratcher at 4:49 comment

You are an attorney, your blog is titled Uncommon Courage, you speak of admiring the right to free speech, you're an adult....

yet, like a child who didn't get her way with a playground argument, you took your ball and went home crying!

You frequently like to compare people to Hitler and his atrocities, especially those whom you disagree with politically. Oh, the irony!

On the one hand, Lynne Bratcher paints herself as the courageous attorney fighting for those who claim discrimination by others. On the other hand, TYRANT Lynne openly discriminates against those who would dare to offer an opposing, but fair and polite, counterpoint to her misguided musings.

Today, the real Lynne Bratcher revealed herself to the blog's readers.

Anonymous said...

4:49 Lynne Bratcher, "I am not going to tolerate ignorant, obscene or vicious comments." Free speech is a bitch isn't it?