Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kansas City Black Doctor Teaching Moment

Amid recent airline discrimination highlighted in a national media controversy . . . Here's a bit of testimony regarding a Kansas City medical professional and her journey: KC area doctor blogged about black female doctors facing discrimination after Delta uproar


Anonymous said...

Gimme a Jew Doctor every time. Jewish IQs are higher than whitey and I want the best, checking out my xrays.

Sub Saharan IQ is in the low 80's.

Whine about genetics all you want, when the shit hits the fan, your doctor should be white. There are exceptions to the rule, but life is like black jack, you don't take the hit, when the dealer is showing a 5.

Anonymous said...

If i was in an airplane and needed a doctor i sure as hell would not want a black doctor touching me. Those African'ts are fucking irresponsible and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

"...wrote a blog on"

And that's a big part of the problem. People would lose their freaking minds if there was a

Byron Funkhouser said...

I was recently treated by an African Doctor ( & I don't mean African American), & I thought she was excellent.

I make a point of only interacting with female professionals.

A white man would be my last choice.

Anonymous said...

Put that in our living will and when you expire on the emergency room gurney you can play "My Way" on your harp dip shit. After all it is blacks who are killing blacks.