Monday, October 10, 2016

Kansas City Anti-Crime Pressers Coming Soon

Let's not forget that the year it's taken for this group to craft anti-crime suggestions has been one of the deadliest in the last decade. Take a look: KC Citizens Task Force on Violence meets tonight


Anonymous said...

This group couldn't decide where everybody should sit - don't have a lot of faith that anything workable, affordable, or sensible will come out of it. There were some good people who probably tried but there were some real idiots, too. And how does this work with no input from law enforcement...who will be tasked with implementing this "plan"?

Anonymous said...

Let's take a wild guess at the recommendations:
No mention of self-respect, civil behavior, or personal responsibility.
Blame on federal and State of Missouri gun laws.
Spending millions more on nonprofits, programs, and unidentified usual suspects on the east side.
"Investment" in the east side like money thrown away at 18th and Vine, a "new" Citadel Plaza, and more taxpayer-subsidized grocery stores.
Blame on the police and the establishment of oversight by "community members" to ensure that self-destructive losers can behave any way they want without fear of "being profiled" or arrested.
And even MORE tax money funneled through the grifter network so that everyone can become a paid activist and family, friends, and selected supporters can spend their time marching around without the burden of actually earning a living.
No wonder it's taken almost an entire year to put together this report!

Anonymous said...

Had to have the meeting 'cause the mayor has a surplus in this years pizza budget.

Anonymous said...

Trigger Lock's ?

Crazy Clown said...

Well, I'm gonna tell ya all somethin',, this is a total waste of time & effort !
If you all knew what I just got thru looking at, you'd see why.

I really do wish we could post clickable links on this comment board, so you all could see what I just got thru seeing.

These Anti-Violence groups are being played to the core, FACT.

I say that with FACTS,,Damn I wish you all could see what I just spent an hour looking at, and you too would know why.

its not all their fault, they don't know they are being played, that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

A byron sex tape??

MY GOD MAN!!Take three xanax and think no more of it.impossible,I know..

Just try and rest , Clown-Man.. You did not deserve that.

Might I make a suggestion ? NEVER AGAIN open any mail from WV.Take it ,insted-

to the closest polce station or dumpster..BUT,seriously .I hope ur ok ,CC.