Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Johnson County Congressman Yoder Calls Out Jay Sidie Biz Practices In Attack Advert

Golden Ghetto Democrats claim this race is close despite an incredible cash advantage for the incumbent.

Today, Rep. Yoder released this attack advert accompanied by a scathing critique of his opponent:

"Jay Sidie is circumventing consumer protections by failing to properly register as an investment advisor in violation of Kansas law. Additionally, the ad shines light on the fact that Sidie has been sued for cheating and defrauding a former client out of more than one million dollars in investments. Sidie is running an anti-Wall Street themed campaign, yet he's engaging in the predatory practices himself . . ."

You decide . . .


Yodervoder said...

Public masturbator and drunk driver Yoder embarrassed America while skinnydipping in Israel, who bribes him! Resign, pervert!

Anonymous said...

typical demon-crat, a liar, like clinton, pelosi, debbie schultz, all cover-up experts for pieces of shit like jay-bird, the mission hills cocktail-circuit country-club boy who apparently steals money from clients, fails to be held accountable by securities law, and used the ka$h to buy a french winery.....just soooooo john kerry of him!

Anonymous said...

AND WAIT, THERE'S MORE................
the guy who jay-bird screwed to get his million$ to buy the french winery, is an elderly man!
way to go, you piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

There are many, many more who've been swindled by Jay Sidie.

He's a con man who's so stupid that he thought he could get elected to Congress and not draw attention to himself and his history of cons.

Anonymous said...

Yoder by 20.

Tracy Thomas said...

Yoder. Period.
He votes right. (as opposed to Sidie who didn't bother to vote for years)
Yoder provides superlative attention to so many groups and individuals in our district.
One of the good ones.
Attentive to detail.

Anonymous said...

Vote the INS out!